The Dragon of Light is one of the prime beings in Lucid Adventure. She is one of the two Dragons created by Han Gun-Jae to act as a balance to The Gods.[1]

After the Gods were destroyed, The Dragon of Light felt a shift in the balance of the world and chose Elixir Plant Guild and started giving them powers.[2]


In her humanoid form, The Dragon of Light has white hair and green horns. Her body is covered with green like scales.[3]




Little is known about the Dragon of Light's personality. She was in a rather pensive mood after the Gods were killed.[3]


Dragon of Evil

The Dragon of Evil is the other prime Dragon that was created to balance The Gods. They are not on good terms and have been fighting each other for over a millennium.[4][1] The Dragon of Evil is still bandaged up from an injury he received from the Dragon of Light and he called her a "bitch" for it.[4]

Elixir Plant Guild

The Dragon of Light chose the Elixir Plant Guild and started giving them powers after she felt a shitft in the balance of the world.[5] She picked Elixir Plant Guild because of Principal, who she feels can guide the game to the right ending.[6]

Skills & Abilities

Although The Dragon of Light has not been seen in full combat, it has been implied that she is very powerful. As on of the prime beings created to balance The Gods, The Dragon of Light is one of the strongest beings in Lucid Adventure. After the death of all The Gods, The Dragon of Light along with the Dragon of Evil became the absolute being in the game.

She battled The Dragon of Evil for over a 1000 years. The damage she gave the Dragon of Evil was so severe, that even after a long time has passed, the Dragon of Evil's injuries are still covered in bandages.[4]

Dragon of Light's Clone - Messenger (빛의 용의 분신 - 전언자, bich-ui yong-ui bunsin - jeon-eonja): The Dragon of Light can create a clone of herself and send it out as a messenger. The clone wore a helmet and was covered in armour. It also had white wings made of feathers. Her doppelganger was powerful enough to face off against The Evil Dragon who had 100% control over Heart Heater's body. Once the message is delivered by the clone, it dissipates[7] The exact mechanics of how the clone was created has not been revealed. It is unknown how much of the Dragon of Light's power can be used by her clone



The Dragon of Light and the Dragon of Evil fought for a millennium. Their blood soaked the earth, leaving magic and technology in the world. After their long drawn out battle, The Dragon of Light went dormant.[1][5]

Season 1

Ragnarök Arc


Season 2

Summit Arc

Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • The Dragon of Light was first mentioned in Episode 137. She was first seen in the series in Episode 174.
  • Although the Dragon of Light is a dragon, she may represent the Phoenix. Her backing of the Elixit Plant Guild further adds credence to this theory as the Elixir Plant is a mythological plant that is said to grant immortal life. Her silhouette in Season 2 Episode 9 is closer to that of a ginat bird that a dragon. Her clones appearance in Season 2 Episode 39 shows her with feathers, further showing that she may have been inspired by the Phoenix mythology.


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