"I am the watcher of the world..The Dragon of Evil"

The Dragon of Evil is the Master of Dragon Mountain and is one of the prime beings in Lucid Adventure.




Dragon of Evil

Dragon of Evil (100% Controlling Heart Heater)





Heart Heater


Team Dark


Hardcore Leveling Warrior



Dragon of Light

Spirit of the Mirror

The Dragon of Evil sealed the


The Witch

Skills & Abilities

"...He has a different kind of strength to The Dragon of Light...He is a terrifying guy.." Stone
As one of the two being created to balance The Gods, the Dragon of Evil is one of the absolute powers in Lucid Adventure. After the death of the Gods, the Dragon of Evil along with the Dragon of Light, are the strongest beings in the game. As the Creator of all the Dragons, The Dragon of Evil is the Master of All Dragons. He also created and also commands the powerful Dragon Knights.

His reputation is dangerous enough for Giga's Security Team to abandon their pursuit of Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Dragon Mountain for fear of encountering.[1]The Dragon of Evil sealed the powerful being Spirit of the Mirror in The Cave of Atonement.[2]

Heart Heater feared The Dragon of Evil taking over his body because of the amount of destruction it would cause and he was proven correct. After taking control of Heart Heater's Body, The Dragon of Evil was able to easily subdue and eventually kill Xiang Yu, despite the latter specialising in fighting Dragons and wielding Dual Personal Attributes.

Such is the transcendence of The Dragon of Evil, that he was able to stop Dacon, The NPC of Combat, from stopping his fight with Xiang Yu despite Giga forfeiting the match. Despite Dacon's protest, citing that The Dragon of Evil is going against the will of the world, The Evil Dragon simply scuffed at her and said that she could not stop him now that The Gods have gone.[3]

"What are you doing you idiots!!! Do you all wish to be destroyed here? Wake up!!" Stone
The Dragon of Evil's power caused the relaxed look on Stone's face to disappear. Stone called the Dragon of Evil a a "terrifying guy".[4] When Han Sung-Gong mobilised all of Giga's forces to take down the Dragon of Evil, Stone went into rage and asked if Giga were trying to get themselves killed.[3] All of Giga's forces eventually knelt down in submission after The Evil Dragon used his dragon magic.[5]

Mental Manipulation Immunity: The Dragon of Evil's Mental Immunity is so high that Spirit of the Mirror's Mind Manipulations skills were ineffective against him.[2]

Sealing: The Dragon of Evil's sealing ability appears to be absolute. He has the ability to permanently seal beings. He sealed Spirit of the Mirror in The Cave Atonement which appears to be inescapable. The only way of escape for Spirit of the Mirror was to use a Gambler's 'Bet' skill and swap places with them.[2]

A Dragon Sees All:

Fear Inducement: The Dragon of Evil's mere presence stopped Xiang Yu from killing Heart Heater and forced Xiang Yu to back off. Xiang Yu was utterly terrified and feared that he would be eaten. After The Dragon of Evil took over Heart Heater's body, the fear Xiang Yu experienced was something he had not experienced since starting the game. Xiang Yu feared for his life and trembled until he he was snapped out of it by Sam Han-Gong.[4]

Class Creation <Dragon Knights>: The Dragon of Evil had the power to create his own class in Lucid Adventure known as the Dragon Knights. He created them after taking a liking to the Ancient Knights.

  • Dragon of Evil's Mana: As well as being able to use Dragon Mana, Dragon Knights can use The Dragon of Evil's mana directly. Although they need permission to use his power, they can do so without asking him as Heart Heater showed.[4]
  • Body Takeover: The Dragon of Evil has the ability to take over a Dragon Knight's body completely when they are using his mana. He knocked out Heart Heater and took 100% control of Heart Heater's body to battle Xiang Yu.[4]

Player Character Deletion: Those who are devoured by The Dragon of Evil can never return to Lucid Adventure. If a player is eaten by The Evil Dragon, their game character is permanently terminated.[6]

Heart Heater (100% Controlled by Dragon of Evil)

The Dragon of Evil knocked Heart Heater out and took over his body. In this form, The Dragon of Evil was able to withstand attacks from Xiang Yu who had opened his Double Personal Attributes and gained the power of a transcendent being. Dragon of Evil was able to easily defeat Xiang Yu.[4] It is unclear how much of The Dragon of Evil's true abilities can be used in this form.

Transcendent Physical Abilities: Whilst using Heart Heater's body, the Dragon of Evil displayed transcendent physical abilities that completely defied logic.[4]

  • Transcendent Attack Power: The Dragon of Evil was able to break Xiang Yu's Spear with his teeth.[4] A simple flick of The Dragon of Evil's finger sent Dacon into a giant rock.[3] Dragon of Evil was able to bite off Xiang Yu's head.[3]
  • Transcendent Durability: The Dragon of Evil was able to block Xiang Yu's spear attack with his teeth. After covering Heart Heater's body with his scales, The Dragon of Evil easily tanked Xiang Yu's Deadly Strike that Xiang Yu had put his all into. The strike was so powerful that it caused a huge explosion and created a large crater in the ground. The force from the blow was enough to push back the observers of the duel who were standing far away. In fact, where it not for the Dragon of Evil's scales covering Heart heater's body, Heart Heater would have disappeared without a trace.[3]
  • Transcendent Agility: The Dragon of Evil was able to avoid blows from Xiang Yu who had opened his Double Personal Attribute from point blank range. He managed to avoid Xiang Yu's 5-Pronged attack and prevented it from hitting the part of Heart Heater's body that was not covered by The Dragon of Evil.
  • Transcendent Mana: Just by giving off mana, the Dragon of Evil was able to break up Xiang Yu's ultimate blow that had been built up in many layers. The Evil Dragon blocked the blow so easily.[4]

Skill Tree

Dragon Magic

  • Wave of Evil: The Dragon of Evil clenches his fist which releases a powerful wave that forces lesser beings to kneel before him.




In the beginning, The Creator made the God of Death, the God of Blessings, The God of Combat and The God of Time and Space to look after the world Along with them, The Creator also made the Dragons of Good and Evil to balance The Gods.[7][8]

Dragon Wars

The Dragons of Good and Evil fought for a millennium, leaving magic and technology in the world. At some point during their battle the Dragon of Evil received and injury on his right arm from the Dragon of Light. He covered the wounds with bandages.[7][8]

Human-Demon War

Evil Dragon observing the Human-Demon War (Season 2 Episode 36)

During the war between the humans and demons, the Ancient Knights brought the scattered humans together as one and led them to victory against the demons.

"...Knights, how interesting...Should I make one too?"
The Dragon of Evil, also the 'Watcher of the World' was watching the war too. The Dragon of Evil became fond of the Ancient Knights and created the Dragon Knights to bring them up to become as strong as the Ancient Knights.

Parting with Heart Heater

Evil Dragon taking Heart Heater&#039;s left eye (Episode 138)

At some point in the past, Heart Heater decided to leave the Dragon of Evil after passing the Dragon's Trial. The Dragon of Evil asks Heart Heater if he is willing to leave and risk losing his power and immortality.[8]

The Dragon of Evil decides to take an eye from Heart Heater to 'monitor' him. He tells Heart Heater not to even think about using his power without consent. Heart Heater smiles and tells the Eveil Dragon he will return when he finds 'her'.[6]

Season 1

Season 2

Summit Arc

Major Battles

Translation Issues

'악의 용' literally means 'Dragon of Evil'. Line Webtoon translates this as 'Evil Dragon'. Whilst this is not a major translation issue, they do not do the same for the Dragon of Light. They do not call the Dragon of Light, 'Light Dragon'.

To ensure there is consistency between the Dragon of Light, the original and proper translation, Dragon of Evil will be used for this wiki.

Notes & Trivia

  • The Dragon of Evil was first mentioned in Episode 22. He made his debut in the series in Episode 137.
    The Evil Dragon1
  • When the Dragon of Evil was first mentioned by Spirit of the Mirror in Episode 25, his Dragon form appearance was completely different to his current design. It is possible that the author had not settled on a design at that point. This has not been confirmed as of yet.


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