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Dragon Scale Armor (Speculative) is an armor used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the Leaf Dungeon Arc. It was given to him by Heart Heater.[1]


It is an armor made of dragoin scales.[2]

The armor stats have not been revealed but the Player Eater was unable to break it with his teeth although Hardcore Levelin Warrior did note that had he used his sword it would have been a critical hit.[2]

The armor was pieced by Player Eater's Multiple Bamboo Spears skill.

The armor was damaged heavily during Hardcore Leveling Warrior's dice game with The Spirit of Mirror in The Cave of Atonement[3]. It was soon replacedwith the Magic-Neutralizing Armor during the Preliminary Round.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • The actual name of the armor was not revealed but Hardcore Leveling Warrior said it was a "special armor made of dragon scales". Hence the name used.
  • This armor was another hint relating to Heart Heater's relationships with Dragons.


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