Dragon Mountain is a Conflict Area and is owned by the Dragon of Evil.[1]


It is the place that Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora were introduced to Dark by Heart Heater.[2]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior used to hunt in this area in the past and knows the movements patterns of the Dragons. At some point before he became the #1 Ranker, he defeated Heart Heater and got the keys to The Cave of Atonement.[1]




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Dragon Mountain Locations


Heart Heater Hut on Dragon Mountain

There is hut located on Dragon Mountain. The owner is not known, but Heart Heater took Sora and HCLW after escaping from Guan Yu.[2][3]

This is where Dark was staying to hide from his family's continual assassinations.


Dragon Mountain Forest

The forest surrounding Dragon Mountain contains is a desolate place that contains monsters that are lower than the Dragon. If they smell Dragon poop, they stay hidden. This is where HCLW used to hunt in the past.[1]

The Cave of Atonement

Main Article: The Cave of Atonement

The Breathing Hole of The Earth

The Breathing Hole of the Earth

The Breathing Hole of The Earth (Hangul: 대지의 숨구멍, Romaja: daejiui sumgumeong, Literal Translation: The Earth's Pores) is ahole with endless depth. No creature has ever returned from it. You need special Mana such as Dragon Mana to get to the bottom of the pit.[4]

Dragon's Gate

Dragon's Gate

Dragon's Gate (Hangul: 용의 문, Romaja: yong-ui mun) is a hidden place located at the bottom of The Breathing Hole of the Earth. It cannot be reached unless you use Dragon Mana, that is why it is unknwon to the rest of the world. The place is full of The Dragon of Evil's Master. Those cursed by The Dragon of Evil can feel the curse getting stronger as they approach the gate.[4]

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