Double Step Boots are a pair of brown boots that Hardcore Leveling Warrior wore when he was the #3 Ranker.


They are a pair of brown boots that reach up to just below Hardcore Leveling Warrior's kneecaps.

The stats of the boots are unknown but it seems like it increases the users speed by 40% because after one of the boots was destroyed by Rigos Nightmarized Freeze Up skill, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's speed was reduced by 20%.[1]

When the second boot was destroyed, his speed was further reduced by another 20%.[1]


The #3 Ranker Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior wore these boots when he was the #3 Ranker.[2][3][1]

The Subjugation Round

He temporarily regained them after Dark's Wind-Up skill reverted him back to his #3 Ranker form for 6 minutes.[4][5]

They were both destroyed by a Nightmarized Rigos' ice attacks.[1]

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