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Dongchun[1] is a member of Scallion Head's Guild. He was present when his guild and other disgruntled users ambushed the Rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[2]

He was one of the observers


Dongchun is a round, obese man with a double chin. He has 6 dots on his forehead. He has a bald head with a spot of purple hair twisted together on either side of his face.[2]

He wears white vest and white shorst with purple shoes.[3]



Lucid Adventure

Video Games


He seemed like a decent person as he was willing to get a healer for an injured person before discovering it was Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He also seems to care about his Guild Master as he tried calming him down so he didn't get arrested by the Guard NPCs.[3]


Scallion Head's Guild

Dongchun appears to have a good relationship with his guild, especially his guild master, Scallion Head. He was worried about his Guild Master getting arrested by the Yopi Land Guards after the guild master was provoked by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[3]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Like the rest of his guild members, Scallion Heads detests Hardcore Leveling Warrior for the pain and suffering he inflicted on his guild in the past. Dongchun saw the reset Hardcore Leveling Warrior outside Yopi Land and was delighted to with the opportunity to humiliate the former Rank no.1. He took the reset Hardcore Leveling Warrior to the centre of Yopi Land Square, where both he and his group took turns in severely beating the former Rank no.1 player.[4]

Skills & Abilities

Not much is known of Dongchun's abilities, or how strong he may be.


  • Flute: Dongchun was seen holding a flute during the ambush on Hardcore Leveling Warrior on the Cobalt Castle Trade Route. The items abilities are unknown.
  • Nightmare Chain Weapon: He utilised a nightmare weapon given to him directly by Zero. He was not adept at using it and his aim was all over the place.[5]


Season 1

The Reset Arc

Dongchun was present when Hardcore Leveling Warrior was ambushed by the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union.[2]

He later found a Level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warriror and took him to Scallion Head, where he was then tied up. He was part of the mob that continuously beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior whilst healing him so they could beat him up longer.[4]

He pleaded with Scallion Head to not assault Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the village as there were Guard NPCs watching.[3]

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

Notes & Trivia

  • The characters name has not been revealed in the webtoon. The character is called 'Dongchun' (동춘, dongchun) in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior with Naver Webtoon vidoe game. This name has been used for the character in this wiki. The name of the character was originally designated as "Purple Head" on this wiki before Dongchun was revealed in the game. Lucid Adventure with WEBTOON (The English version of the aforementioned game) used the name we gave Dongchun, Purple Head, originally as the name of the character in the game.
  • His class is listed as 'Priest' in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior with Naver Webtoon game. It has not been revealed in the webtoon. The only information we have about his class is that it is one that is not "adept at using chains as a weapon", according to Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[5]
  • The 6 dots on his forehead are identical to those used by Buddhist monks and Shaolin Monks.