God's Hand is a Divine Skill that is used by Sword Master.


Sword Master summons a giant divine blue arm to attack the target with a powerful blow.[1]

The skill was strong enough to critically wound and almost kill a Constant who had raised his physical level to a divine level. Such was the strength of the attack that without a Nightmare revival skill, Constant would have died instantly.[1]

The skill put a lot of strain on the incomplete form of Sword Master, who was breathing heavily after using 2 consecutive ultimate skills.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 103 Sword Master used God's Hand against Constant to prevent Constant from using A Lie That Deceives God.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Seeing the size of God of Combat's God's Fist, it is possible that Roy Han only used a fraction of this skills true size & power because his power was incomplete.
  • A lot of fans said that this skill reminded them of the God Hand technique from the soccer-themed media franchise, Inazuma Eleven.


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