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Departure! Santa Maria[1] is the ultimate conceptual magic of Armes and No Name's personal attribute, Adventurer Columbus.[2]

End of Journey - True Santa Maria is the completed form of this skill.

No Name can link Santa Maria with Taoist Kim's 108 Monsters to create the Link Skill, Monster Ship.


The Santa Maria is a warship, fortress and line of defense all rolled into one.[3] It is summoned by conceptual magic. It's advanced magic cannot be blocked because it is completely different from any other magic.[2]

Effect: As soon as the enemy steps on the deck, all their buffs go down by 20% and they feel 'pressure'. It's basically suicide.[3]

A weakness of the skill is that an enemy can board the ship and use the cannons against the sumnmoner, such as when HCLW used the cannons against No Name during the PvP Round.[3]

The Santa Maria is strong enough to redirect the multiple Immobilization Relics of Giga.[1] Armes can hop on the Santa Maria to get closer to her targets.[1]Armes can direct the Santa Maria towards targets and hit them with it.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 156 Armes activated Traveler Columbus summoned the Santa Maria to change the trajectory of the Giga Guild's Security Team's immobilization magic. She then hopped on the Santa Maria and closed the gap between her and the security team. The Santa Maria then crashed and lodged itself halfway in the building with the cobalt castle gemstone.[1]
Episode 135
Episode 152




Translation Notes

When Armes' used this skill in Episode 56, the skill was written as '출항 - 산타마리아' (English: Departure - Santa Maria). It was called '승리의 출항 산타마리아' (English: Victorious Departure - Santa Maria) (LINE Webtoon: Victorious Voyage - Santa Maria) in Episode 135. When No Name used the skill in Episode 152, 출항 - 산타마리아 (English: Departure - Santa Maria) (LINE: Voyage - Santa Maria).

Notes & Trivia

  • Departure! Santa Maria has the motif of one of the five vessels Columbus used to sail across the Atlantic, Santa Maria. Santa Maria was the largest of the three ships that Columbus used on his first voyage to the Americas. The other 2 ships that Christopher Columbus used in his first voyage to the Americas are La Niña and La Pinta, hoping to find a new route to India.


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