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There's one hell of a skill attached to this sword!
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik is a legendary item in Lucid Adventure.[1] It is the sword of the Demon King's Hellfire Set.[1]


A Demon King exclusive item.[1]
Attack power 6666[1]
Curse +666.[1]
Deformer - Sik can be used[1]


Season 2

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Retrieval Arc

After the Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior (100% controlled by Han Gun-Ho) raised his level from 3 to 66, Han Gun-Ho gave him the Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik to equip.[1] Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped the Demon King's Hellfire Boots along with Demon King's Hellfire Boots, Demon King's Hellfire Gloves and Demon King's Hellfire Armor.[1]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes

마검 - 마왕 식 is incorrectly translated Demonic Sword - Master Devil Sik by LINE Webtoon.

마검 can be translated as "demon sword; demonic sword".

As described here, 마왕, literally means "demon king".

마검 - 마왕 식 can be translated as Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik or Demon Sword - Demon King Sik.

Notes & Trivia

  • The item was in the possession of Han Gun-Ho.[1] it is unclear how he acquired the item.
  • The item was given to the level 66 Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior by Han Gun-Ho.[1]
  • The item is named after the former Demon King, Sik.

Setting Error(?)

In Season 2 Episode 100, the skill was called 'Deformer - Sik' (데포르메 - 식) in the item infobox of Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik. In Season 2 Episode 109, the skill was then called 'Deformer - Demon King Sik' (데포르메 - 마왕 식).