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Demonic Recovery is a passive skill of Dark.


Using demonic mana, Dark is able to instantly regenerate from an injury.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 49 Dark uses Demonic Recovery to instantly recover from Ro Tishushu's attack.[1]

Translation Notes

'마족의 회복력' i translated by Line Webtoon as 'Demonic Recovery'

'마족의' can mean 'demon's' or 'demonic'.

'회복력' is the hangul form of the hanja 恢復力/恢復力 and literally means "restoring force, recuperative powers, resilience".

'회복' means 'recovery', which is what Line Webtoon uses.

The literal translation is therefore Demonic Recuperative Powers or Demonic Resilience.

Notes & Trivia

  • Ro Tishushu noted that the skill required a large amount of demonic mana.
  • The familiar feeling Ro Tishushu got from the skill is that of Rajie, who was Dark's former familiar.