Decay is a Dark Magic skill.


Dark projects a liquid-like substance that causes objects and enemies to rot. At weaker levels it was only able to rot the clothes on his enemy's back[1], but at higher levels of power he was able to cause Player Eater's face to rot away, causing agonizing pain.[2]

Dark can use his staff[1] or when close to the target use his hands to execute the skill.


Leaf Dungeon

Dark used his staff to execute Decay on Alpaca Man's back, but all it did was dissolve a bit of clothes and enrage him.[1]

Dark used Decay directly on Player Eater, which caused his face to melt and agonising pain.[2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • When Dark used the skill with his staff it was blue in color. When he used it with his hands it was purple in color. The difference was never explained.


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