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Dark Land is a Guild in Lucid Adventure. It's current Guild Master is Dark.


The guild comprises of numerous small-sized guilds with various backgrounds. They own 9% of Lucid Adventure. According to Heart Heater, Dark Land is the "Heart of the World".



Season 2

Known Members

Name Position Info
Dark Guild Master and Founding Member Current no.3 ranker and Players' Union Leader
Heart Heater Founding Member Dark Land Strategist
Sora Founding Member
Rim Founding Member
Elena Guild Member Current no.12 ranker
Coma Guild Member Current no.9 ranker
Werewolf Guild Member
Medusa Guild Member
Vampire Guild Member
Architect Brick Guild Member Helped build Dark Land
Checkered Square Knight Guild Member
Tailor Cat Guild Member Dark Land Tailor
Hooded Miner Guild Member Dark Land Miner
Ribbit Guild Member Dark Land Merchant
Long Padding Man Guild Member Dark Land's Healer
Chota Guild Member
Akira Guild Member Defected from Yopi Land. Deleted from the game
Hephai Guild Member Dark Land's Master Blacksmith
Tuna Gimbap Guild Member Centurion of Dark Land
Halloween Girl Guild Member Ranked no.60

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