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Fight after fight. Every day. These endless fights only made me stronger. My grandfather wanted me to live happily...but I felt like something inside me was missing. His words were just empty echoes for me.
 ― Dark[source]

Han Gun-Woo,[2] known as Dark[3] in Lucid Adventure, is one of the deuteragonists in Season 1 and the main protagonist of Season 2 of the webtoon. He is the King of Dark Land, the Guild Master of Dark Land and is currently ranked No.3 in the Lucid Ball Ranking System. Dark is the grandson of the former chairman of Giga Group, Han Gun-Jae. He was a member of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Party, as well as Hardcore Leveling Warrior's employer. He is the boss of the powerful NPC, Heart Heater and his assistant Rim.

His main goal was to get stronger in order to find his grandfather inside the Lucid Adventure. After going through many trials and tribulations with his party, he won the last ever Combat Tournament and reunited with his grandfather one last time before his grandfather passed away.

As a reward for winning the Combat Tournament, Dark acquired the Royal Seal which allowed him to become the King of Dark Land. Dark jumped into the new ranked system after learning Rajie's Kill Fist, where he suffered only one loss out of hundreds of matches. Two years later, he rose to become the 3rd ranked player in the game.

In the real world, Han Gun-Woo joined Lucid High and is a freshman in Class four alongside Yeo Bong-Sun, Werewolf and Min.


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Real World

As a child, Han Gun-Woo was a short caucasian, black haired kid. He was shown wearing a long sleeved baseball shirt and black pants.

In school, he wears a white collared shirt with a black neck tie, dark blue pants, and black shoes. As Gun-Woo grew, he still wore the same long sleeved baseball shirt for a short time until it no longer fit him. Currently, Dark is seen wearing a dark blue coat worn over his white collared shit and dark blue pants. His face and fingers are covered in bruises and scratches due to fighting.

Lucid Adventure

Dark was a pale kid with gray hair, pointed ears, and two horns early on and throughout their journey until the time skip, he wore the same black and white hoodie, red shirt underneath, yellow shorts and black and white sneakers. His top appearance is reminiscent of Darkist. He had a purple hand due to Darkist's bracelet during the semi-finals of the PVP Round but wore it no longer after that.

During the time skip, he no longer wore his jacket but still retained his red shirt, yellow shorts and sneakers. After the time skip, Dark's body grew and he had changed his hairstyle, grey spiked hair with the two horns back then no longer visible. He's currently wearing a gray hoodie with a black and pale yellow short jacket worn over it, ripped black pants and black shoes. He's also wearing a yellow and black strap that's carrying Darkist's book.


Despite coming from a chaebol family, Han Gun-Woo has had a fairly tough time growing up. Despite having what would be considered an extraordinarily privileged background, Han Gun-Woo had a fairly lonely and isolated childhood. He had no friends growing up and was shunned by all his family members except for his grandfather who loved him very much.

Due to the constant attacks by his family, Han Gun-Woo became a very cautious person and does not trust people easily.

Two years later, Han Gun-Woo has been fighting in the real world constantly which made him much tougher. He far more confident in his ability and looks forward to facing difficult challenges ahead.[4] He acts cold and aloof which led to him being called a Tsundere by Wolf, acting cold on the outside but in fact caring about others.[5] He worries about his friends safety and puts himself in front of danger in order to protect them. He feels guilt for his weakness that he believes took away all that was precious to him ( Helen, Han Gun-Jae, and Hardcore Leveling Warrior), so he desire to atone for these sins by getting stronger and getting revenge onto Giga Empire

During Season 1, Han Gun-Woo was very insecure about his height and did not like it when people made comments about it. This is no longer the case as he had a massive growth spurt in both the real world and the game.


Season 1

Time skip

Season 2

Major Battles

Season 1

  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora & Dark vs 100 Zombies
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Bogorba and Black Magic Dungeon Witch
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Le. Rajie
  • Dark vs Le. Rajie
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Keynes Party
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Bamboo Spear Man (First Fight)
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs The Corrupted Spirit of Grass
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Bamboo Spear Man (Second Fight)
  • Dark vs Heart Heater
  • Dark vs Assistant Manager Kim
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark vs The Ten-Part Union
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark vs Light
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark, Team Yopi Land & Team Choco Bibi vs Octonash
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark, Team Yopi Land & Team Choco Bibi vs Todish
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark, Team Yopi Land & Team Choco Bibi vs Rigos
  • Dark vs Giga Soldiers
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora & Dark, Team Bamboo Spear Man and No Name vs Pinky Licking
  • Dark vs Axe Beard
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Bearded Shaman and Pinky Licking Chimera
  • Dark vs Poison Boss
  • Dark and Sora vs 15% Rui Rui Clone
  • Dark and Sora vs 15% Heriach Clone
  • Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora vs Lu Bu, Assistant Manager Park 38 and Bubble

Time Skip

Season 2

Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

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The character's real name, 한건우, literally means Han Gun-Woo. LINE Webtoon changed it to Carter Han.

International Translations

Name Platform Language




韓建宇 (Hánjiànyǔ) 暗黑 (Ànhēi) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Carter Han Dark LINE Webtoon (English) English
Gun-Woo Han Dark LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Dark made his début in Episode 3 but his name was actually revealed by Sora in Episode 4. His real name, "Han Gun-Woo", was revealed in Episode 11 by Light. His real world appearance was first seen in Episode 12.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's nickname for him is "Middle Schooler" (중딩, jungding).
  • Dark has been fighting everyday in the real world which made him stronger. He says, "Those guys won't quit, I left the house but that wasn't enough for them. I think they are trying to break me completely". The house may be referring to his old flat and "they" could possibly be Giga. For now, this is just speculation.
  • As implied by Han Sung-Gong and confirmed by Han Sung-Hyun, Dark is actually not the son of Han Sung-Hyun as Han Sung-Hyun's wife never got pregnant and instead went abroad to live quietly. Dark is actually one of them which implies that Dark is the son of Han Gun-Jae which explains why he is the son of God. This would mean that he has a right to be his grandfather's successor and since he's the youngest, he could live longer than the older candidates, which is possibly why Giga wants him dead.
  • The Paralysis Sword is the first ever weapon Dark wielded in the series.[6]
  • Rajie was the first person Dark ever hit in the face. He did not feel good about doing it.[7]
  • Dark's change of hairstyle is somewhat symbolic. He no longer has the "horns" that all the Han characters have in Lucid Adventure. This symbolizes his complete separation from them after his Grandfather's death. In the story, the reason that Dark no longer has the horns is because he was ridiculed for having them after being defeated by Stone.
  • Dark is called several names by different people.
    • Middle Schooler by Hardcore Leveling Warrior
    • He is called 'Little Master' (꼬마 마스터) by Rajie.[8]
  • Dark was seen with a Black Magic Spell Book in a pouch strapped to his back at the start of season 2.[9] The difference in color leads some to believe that the book is actually Dark's own creation, and not Darkist's book that he obtained from the Godcha.
  • The author revealed that Dark's birthday is December 12th.[1] Beamos died on the same day as Dark's birthday, the same day that every year that the Thorn King's Dungeon opens only once a year [10]
  • Han Gun-Woo may have received the Lucid Adventure App from Han Gun-Jae on March 08, Han Gun-Jae's birthday. Han Gun-Woo did say that the birthday gift was late so it is possible that it was days after as none of the family members said anything about Han Gun-Jae's birthday earlier in Episode 75.