"I..just wanted to meet Grandpa again."

Han Gun-woo (Line Webtoon: Carter Han), also known as Dark in Lucid Adventure, is one of the main protagonists of the series. He is the grandson of the former chairman of Giga, Roy Han. He is a member of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Party, as well as his employer. He is the boss of the powerful NPC, Heart Heater and his assistant Rim.

His main goal was to get stronger in order to find his grandfather inside the Lucid Adventure. After going through many trials and tribulations with his party, he won the last ever Combat Tournament and reunited with his grandfather one last time before he passed away.

As a reward for winning the Combat Tournament, Dark acquired the Royal Seal which allowed him to become the King of Dark Land.

Two years later, he joined Lucid High and is a freshman in Class four alongside Lu Bu, Wolf and Chota.

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The relationship between Dark and his family can be considered rather non-existent, with the exception of his grandfather. The entire family does not see Dark as anything important and considers him both a waste of space and a possible obstacle to remove in order to secure the Giga fortune. His cousins see him as a loser, and even someone they should kill both in-game and in the real world. The only person that ever cared for him was his grandfather, Roy Han.

Roy Han Edit

Best friend. his grandpa loved him and he loved his grandpa. when grandpa died, he was very sad.

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Not much detail about their relationship has been revealed.

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Two years after The Hardcore Leveling Warrior's disappearance, Carter Han is still searching for him, not believing that he is dead. It appears he has picked up a few traits from The Hardcore Leveling Warrior, such as his spiky hair and also using the phrase "I'm back", whenever he logs into Lucid Adventure.

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As seen in the story, Heart Heater is very loyal to Dark and goes on much extent to give what is best for Dark.

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During the two year time skip, Dark and Lu Bu fought each other multiple times with neither of them being able to best the other.[1]

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  • Time Magic: Dark's personal attribute gives him the power to manipulate time in various forms. It has been noted by several characters as being unique.

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  • Decay: causes objects and enemies to rot. At weaker levels it was only able to rot the clothes on his enemy's back, but at higher levels of power he was able to cause Player Eater's face to rot away, causing him agonizing pain.
  • Summon Skeleton: summons skeletons to attack his enemies. Has been shown to summon up to 5 at once.
  • Rising Skeleton: advanced form of Summon Skeleton. Summons dozens of skeletons.
  • Enchant Magic: The Weapons of the Dead: creates weapons of magical energy for his summoned skeletons, presumably increasing their damage.
  • Summon - Skull Mage: summons skeleton mages. These mages can use magic arrows to attack their enemies.
  • Bone Wall: summons a wall of bones from the ground. Can be used to block attacks.
    • Bone Prison: a variation on Bone Wall, instead it summons the bones around the enemy into a tight dome to bind and confine them.
    • Bone Prison Max: The strongest level of Bone Prison, Dark summons thicker and stronger bones to bin the target.
  • Summon - Stone Golem: summons a stone golem.
    • Golem Shield: combining his Bone Wall with his Stone Golem, Dark creates a stone golem with a shield made of bones, capable of blocking the Big Flame skill, which caused an explosion that towered over a forest.
    • Golem's Arm: summons a large arm of a golem from the ground, which can be used to block attacks or, presumably, to attack the enemy.
  • Break Curse: breaks a curse. Was able to break the curse on Hardcore Leveling Warrior that had reduced him to level one and transformed him into a Hohoian. Seems to cost a lot of mana.
  • Summon Servant Spirit: Lazie: Summons Lazie to aid him in combat.
  • Possession:
  • Devil x Dark Magician Mode: By allowing Lazie to possess him, Dark can enter Devil X Dark Magician Mode. In this form his is far stronger and faster, as well as being capable of flight. He also gains access to a new skill window of abilities:
    • Demon Fist: imbues Dark's fist with demonic energy and launches a punch.
    • Demon Jab: Dark jabs his opponent with a hand full of demonic energy.
    • Bear Hunt: imbues Dark's hands with demonic energy and launches dozens of punches at once. At higher levels it creates a massive hand made of energy to attack with.
    • Blood Burning: a skill that costs HP rather than mana. Increases Dark's strength
    • Demon King Footsteps: Increases the Evasion stat and dodges.
    • Demonic Bone Wall: Summons a massive wall of bones. This wall is immune to all magical skills within Lucid Adventure, so it can only be broken through by physical attacks.
  • Soul Reading: allows Dark to sense the souls of the dead and communicate with them.
  • The Memory of the Dead x Summon Skeletons: summons 10 horned skeletons.
  • Summon Bone Hands: Summons two giant skeletal arms from the ground and controls them.
  • Soul Communion:
  • The Cursed Pile of Bone: summons dozens of spikes made of bone from the ground to impale enemies and hold them in place. Can be used to create a wall to block attacks.
  • The Flare of Curse: causes the target to erupt in purple flames. A fire type attack that was used to damage the Hercules-Attribute ranker.
  • The Language of the Hohoian King: a skill learned by becoming closer to the Hohoian Beard Gang. Allows him to communicate in the Hohoian language and motivate them.
  • Mana Storm: Unleashes a vortex of energy that sends enemies flying.
  • Concentrated Mana Shot: Shotgun: concentrates a ball of mana orbs in Dark's hand, then fires them like a shotgun.
  • Slowing Hands: summons dozens of zombie hands from the ground to slow down an enemy's movement.
  • Grudge: zombies deal double damage against their original killer.
  • Bone Spear: throws a spear made of bone at the enemy.
  • The Eye of Trajectory: A legendary item merged with Dark's body. The eye allows the user to see the trajectory of object's past and future. A legendary eye that only shows up amongst the elves every thousand years.

Darkist Black Magic: Edit

Time Magic Edit

  • Deja-Vu -  a skill that allows Dark to see into the future as if the events have already happened and let's him see the trajectory of enemy attacks. Dark can telepathically communicate this knowledge to the souls of his summons, allowing them to see the trajectory of enemy attacks as well.
  • Wind Up - a skill that rewinds the the target to a past form making them weaker or stronger depending on their history. The skill lasts for 6 minutes and has a cool down time of one year in Lucid Adventure Time, which is around 52 days in the real world. The skill has a 50% chance of succeeding or a 50% chance of failure which leads to Dark's death.
  • Broken Cogwheel - a skill that slows down the targets movement speed significantly for a brief time.

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Maximum Survival Instinct: A wild animal's 'instinct' which allows to detect danger. Dark can view auras around others and the size of the aura corresponds to their power. Due to the skill synergizing with Dark's Soul Reading skill, the aura he can see appears in different shapes for different people, seemingly corresponding to their personal attribute (Hardcore Leveling Warrior's appeared gold and surrounded by coins, Heart Heater's appears as a massive black dragon).

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Level Period Rank Stats Info
30 Leaf Dungeon Unranked Unknown Reached Level 30 after clearing the fifth floor of Leaf Dungeon.[2]
58 Siege Round Prelude Unranked Unknown Went from level 41 to 58 after clearing The Stage One & Two Level-Up Dungeon.[3]
90 PvP Round Final Unranked Unknown Confirmed to be level 90 by the Combat Tournament stat sheet.[4]
90 AE Lazie's Deadly Move Unranked Unknown Dark confirmed he was still level 90.[5]
- Reunion 3

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Dark acquired the 'Hero' title after passing 'The Trial of the Dragon' of The Evil Dragon. The title allows Him to equip 'Hero Exclusive Items'. During the Combat Tournament, Dark equipped the hero exclusive items, The Curse of Darkist.

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Season 1 Edit

Tabula Rasa Edit

Dark is introduced to Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora in the Hut on Dragon Mountain by Heart Heater.[6] He asks Hardcore Leveling Warrior to help him level up for 3 billion Won (Line Webtoon: $3 Million) and he agrees to in exchange for 3 billion Won (Line Webtoon: $3 Million).[7]

Dark, along with Hardcore Leveling Warrior return to Yopi Land to prepare for a dungeon Quest when Dark asks Hardcore Leveling Warrior to prove himself by defeating Scallion Head to prove his strength much to the protests of Sora.[7]

Dark watches on sceptically with Sora and a crowd of people, including the king of Yopi Land until Hardcore Leveling Warrior manages to defeat Scallion Head in a Legal PK with the Paralyzing Dagger.[8]

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Lazie's Deadly Move Edit

Dark defeated by a bear

As Lazie is about to leave Dark, Dark asks him to teach him his deadly move before he leaves. Bekanea suddenly appears, urging Lazie to appear before the Demon Elders. Lazie tells her he will go in a day and starts to train Dark.

Dark is tasked by Lazie to defeat a level 50 bear without using his magic and The Eye of Trajectory. Dark is easily defeated. Lazie asks him if he wants to reconsider and tells him there are easier ways to get stronger.[5]

Lazie training Dark

Dark agrees that there are easier ways, but he is motivated by 'that guy', promising to learn Lazie's move no matter what. Lazie goes on to tell him how acquire the deadly move and tells him he will teach him in person after he fulfils the conditions. Dark agrees and started training immediately.[5]

Recruiting New Guild Members! Edit

Dark handing out Dark Land flyers

Dark names his new country Dark Land which garners praise from Heart Heater and Rim. Dark is wondering why after naming the country, nothing has changed. Heart Heater explains that by using the Royal Seal, Dark is now the King of Dark Land. He then goes on tho explain further that the moment he uses it on a land he owns then it becomes a country, but they need to expand their territory first.He advises Dark to form a Country/Guild first.[9]

Dark welcoming the new recruits to Dark Land

Rim makes some flyers for the new Guild but its designed is rebuffed by Dark as well as Heart Heater and Sora. They then use a new poster and start advertising the new guild in different towns. Dark ends up throwing a rolled up poster at a person who threw it away in anger.[9]

Three days later, Dark is waiting for a the new recruits to show up. He goes outside to meet Heart Heater who tells him to go back inside. It's way past the deadline and noone shows but Dark is encouraged by Sora. Monshilaustraze starts barking all of a sudden and Dark rushes out to see multiple people outside Dark Land. Amongst the new recruits are a few familiar faces such as the Checkered Square Knight, Frog Merchant, Medusa, Vamp and Wolf. The new recruits begin constructing Dark Land...[9]

Lazie's Deadly Move - Two years Later Edit

Dark vs two bears

Two years later in the same location that he got badly beaten by the bear, an older Dark faces two bears alone with an arm tied behind his back and his left eye closed. He blocks a strike from a bear with his free arm and then uses his right leg to block a strike from behind by another bear. He then proceeds to defeat them both.[5]

Dark after defeating two bears

Dark then praises the bears for doing great and contemplates fighting with both arms tied up. He's grown attached to the bears so he couldn't kill them. He then wonders when Lazie is coming back as he's ready to learn the next skill.[5]

Exodus - Two years later Edit

Dark after using Hell's Bone

"The Hardcore Leveling Warrior...isn't dead!" Dark
When one of his allies in the west was getting invaded, Dark went to go check it out by himself. The Green Blood Mercenaries Commander boasts that his group are acknowledged by Giga and mocks Dark for coming alone to face 100 men. He then said that The Hardcore Leveling Warrior has bitten a dust before he is killed by Bone Spear and the remaining 99 members are quickly killed by Dark's Hell's Bone. Dark standing alone amongst the bloodshed declares that The Hardcore Leveling Warrior is not dead.

Ranking Edit

Dark fighting Lu Bu during the two year time skip

Dark during a duel with Lu Bu

Whilst they are duelling, Lu Bu fires a skillshot in a direction where players are and Dark saves them with a Demonic Barrier and tells them to play somewhere else before giving them 3 Return Scrolls. Dark then questions Lu Bu on if he shot in their direction on purpose and is rebuffed by Lu Bu. They then clash multiple times while the group Dark saved sheepishly decide to play somewhere else.[1]

Season 2 Edit

Reunion Edit

Carter Han fights his way through a number of students as he had been doing everyday. He logs into Lucid Adventure in order to complete his Lucid High group assignment which involved investigating the issues inside Lucid Adventure. He arrives late to Quest House and complains about the mess. Heart Heater tells him that they can only minimise the paperwork as much as he could in Quest House and that Dark Land needs to build a castle. Dark relents and agrees. He is given a lot of paperwork to sign by Rim, which he stamps without even looking at. After stamping all the paperwork, Dark heads off into the Dark Land city to complete his assignment.[10]

He arrives late to meet Lu Bu and Wolf, and asks where the transfer student is, saying he's late despite being late himself. Chota finally arrives and introduces himself to Dark. The topic the group chose was the recent Nightmarization of monsters in Lucid Adventure. Both Dark and Lu Bu engage a nightmarized monster and after Lu Bu destroys its body, Dark secures it's nightmare core. Chota catches it but Dark takes it away from him for safe keeping. Chota asks for it back, saying he is already doing little for the group and Lu Bu agrees, saying the core container might break when Dark is fighting. Dark agrees and returns the core back to Chota, telling him to be careful with it.[10]

Chota thanks Dark for letting him join the group and tells him he thinks he is a really nice guy which Dark responds to nonchalantly. Lu Bu and Wolf criticise him, with Wolf calling him a tsundere. Chota starts explaining to the group why his level is so low and before he could finish, the group are attacked and Chota drops the core, which is picked up by a Nightmare.[10]

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  • Dark made his début in Episode 3 but his name was actually revealed by Sora in Episode 4. His Real name, 'Carter Han, was revealed in Episode 11 by Light.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's nickname for him is 'Middle Schooler' (중딩, jungding).
    • Carter Han has been fighting everyday in the real world which made him stronger. He says,"Those guys won't quit, I left the house but that wasn't enough for them. I think they are trying to break me completely". The house may be referring to his old flat and they is possibly be Giga. As of now this is just speculation.

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