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Dacon[1] is an NPC of Combat in Lucid Adventure. She is the older sister of Schub and a former underling of the God of Combat.[1][3] She could be seen rushing from place to place in order to referee PvPs.[4]

After the God of Combat perished, Dacon perished too. She was reincarnated as an NPC of Combat, losing her memory by the will of the world.[2]


Dacon is an angel with small wings and unkempt short rosy hair. She has a brown eye patch covering her left eye and she wears a leather catsuit that exposes both sides of her midsection, black metallic gauntlets, leather straps on both arms and legs that held her blades, and black boots.



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Dacon seems to get a kick out of refereeing PKs as she can be seen with a big smile on her face everything she is summoned to oversee one.[1][5][2]Dacon is also a workaholic as she never rests and rushes from place to place, overseeing PKs. She is always in a hurry to referee the multiple PvPs around Lucid Adventure and is keen for them to be finished promptly.[4][6]

She likes to keep things in an orderly fashion and doesn't like people who disrupt the order. She finds it disgusting when people send her over a hundred mails like what Choco Bibi did.

After her rebirth, her personality has not changed much although she now serves the "Will of the World". rather than the God of Combat.


God of Combat

Dacon serves the God of Combat. Though the God of Combat treats her casually, she still reveres and formally talks with him. Dacon thinks that if left alone, the God of Combat will ruin the tournament and so she guards him all the time. After the events of the last Combat Tournament, Dacon was resurrected and had no memory of God of Combat.


Dacon's brother. She is more well known than Schub to most players as the latter is lazy. Dacon doesn't like it when Schub is being lazy as she had scolded him for not watching over God of Combat. She also seems to not like it when Schub eats her cake.


As an NPC of Combat and a direct underling of the God of Combat himself, Dacon has the authority to referee Formal PKs. The full extent of her abilities have not been revealed.

Lucid Adventure Knowledge: As an NPC of Combat, Dacon has a working knoowledge of the class restrictions with respect to rewards in a PvP situation. She knew Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class allowed him to take stats as a reward, something that a lot of players did not seem privy to.[1]

Adjudication: As an NPC of Combat, Dacon has the ability to referee PKs between players, monitor the fights and ensure that the rewards agreed upon are properly distributed.[1][5]

Flight: Dacon can fly, levitate and stand in mid-air as if she was standing on solid ground.[1][4]

Combat Style

Dacon has not been seen in full combat.



  • Daggers: Dacon can be seen with a yellow-handled daggers that are attached to a holder on all her 4 limbs.



Zara Guild Arc

Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The Best Swordsman and Dacon (Episode 51).jpg

5 years ago, during the early days of Lucid Adventure, Dacon refereed a PvP between The ranked No.3 The Best Swordsman and the Ranked No.88 Hardcore Leveling Warrior. After The Best Swordsman defeated Hardcore Levelin Warrior, Dacon asked him if he wants to Hardcore Leveling Warrior to forcefully join his guild as a reward to which The Best Swordsman declined and asked for one gold instead. The Best Swordsman explained to Dacon that if he made Hardcore Leveling Warrior join the guild forcefully he would never fight for them for real. The busy Dacon then prompted Hardcore Leveling Warrior to give The Best Swordsman the one gold and left soon afterwards.[4]

Grass Roots Guild Arc

Dacon presiding over the PvP between The Best Swordsman and Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Season 2 Episode 104).png

Dacon presided over the PvP between The Best Swordsman and Hardcore Leveling Warrior in some mountain range. After The Best Swordsman purposefully let himself get cut by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he told Dacon he surrendered. Dacon accepted The Best Swordsman's declaration of surrender and declared Hardcore Leveling Warrior as the winner. She was disappointed that the fight had such a boring ending. She urged Hardcore Leveling Warrior to hurry up and pick choose a reward as she had had another battle to attend to.[6]

Season 1

The Reset Arc

Dacon is summoned as the referee of Scallion Head and Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Formal PK. She asks for their best and referees the match. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior wins, she tells him that his level is too low and that he can only choose one of the three rewards. She also gives out the rewards to people who placed bets.[1][5]


By Dacon

  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Hardcore Leveling Warrior, fulfil the obligation of your defeat. Hurry up. I'm busy"[4]

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