Dacon is an NPC of Combat in Lucid Adventure. She is the older sister of Schub and a former underling of the God of Combat.[1][3]

After the God of Combat perished, Dacon perished too. She was reincarnated as an NPC of Combat, losing her memory by the will of the world.[2]




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Dacon seems to get a kick out of refereeing PKs as she can be seen with a big smile on her face everything she is summoned to oversee one.[1][4][2]


God of Combat


Skills & Abilities

As an NPC of Combat and a direct underling of the God of Combat himself, Dacon has the authority to referee Formal PKs. The full extent of her abilities have not been revealed.

Lucid Adventure Knowledge: As an NPC of Combat, Dacon has a working knoowledge of the class restrictions with respect to rewards in a PvP situation. She knew Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class allowed him to take stats as a reward, something that a lot of players did not seem privy to.[1]

Adjudication: As an NPC of Combat, Dacon has the ability to referee PKs between players, monitor the fights and ensure that the rewards agreed upon are properly distributed.[1][4]

Flight: Dacon can fly, levitate and stand in mid-air as if she was standing on solid ground.[1]



  • Daggers: Dacon can be seen with a yellow-handled daggers attached to a holder on all her 4 limbs.



Season 1

The Reset Arc

Dacon is summoned as the referee of Scallion Head and Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Formal PK. She asks for their best and referees the match. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior wins, she tells him that his level is too low and that he can only choose one of the three rewards. She also gives out the rewards to people who placed bets.[1][4]

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