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Skills & Abilities


Back when he was a member of the zara guild, his strength wasn't remarkable and only could do healing and slight buffs. Ever since he joined giga, his strength increased to a point where BJuUai thought he was on of the rankers. He was able to dodge a attack from hardcore leveling warrior and catch a punch from Top Baldhead who gained a buff from nightmare. In fact, he only used his personal attribute because he was taking on both Baldhead and his companion while they were using nightmare implying he could take them one on one without his personal attribute. His personal attribute revolves around the theme of lying and by using it he can buff himself to a considerable extent and use mind manipulation that even roy han called a problem. However, the reason why the power of his personal attribute is irregular is due to the fact he awakened it under the influence of nightmare thus making his feats possible as said by Roy han


Nightmare Power:

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Lie

Mental Manipulation:

  • Memory Manipulation:

Physical Enhancement:

  • Speed Manipulation:

Magic Negation:

Skill Tree

Lie Skills






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