Jin Won, also known as Constant in Lucid Adventure is a member of Giga. He is a manager of of Giga's special Investiagtion Department, the Assistant-Leader of Giga's 13th squad and a member of Giga's secret Service.

For some unknown reason he became a 'member' of Chairman Kim's Workshop and was treated like a slave and beaten regularly. In the the Early years of Lucid Adventure, Constant was a member of Zara Guild. Through the machinations of Sad Smile and Giga, Constant inadvertently caused Armes to be captured which eventually led to the collapse of Zara Guild.

He later joined Giga and has been with them since.

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A person that Constant despises and hates. Seeing him as someone he wouldn't mind dead, be it through others or himself. Stating to Hardcore Leveling Warrior that he would starve and beat him and likely HCLW up. Claiming he would end Kim after he left his workshop, but soon realized with his current strength, it would be to easy. So he would simply wait until the time is right. During the PvP round, upon learning Kim would kill Ethan, Constant maliciously attacks Kim to kill him.

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A person he saw as his bro and similar to Sora, constantly praised him for his power and awesomeness. However, unlike Sora, HCLW hates constant for abandoning the Zara Guild. Though this is a one-sided hate as Constant still idolizes HCLW and will do anything to be with him again, from possible mind-control to join Giga to even warning him of Kim's possible plans. Stating if Hardcore Leveling Warrior needed help, then he should come to him. During his attempt to kill Kim, he further showed his connection to Ethan not wanting him to die. Stating he will do anything to keep HCLW alive.

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Back when he was a member of the zara guild, his strength wasnt remarkable and only could do healing and slight buffs. Ever since he joined giga, his strength increased to a point where BJuUai thought he was on of the rankers. He was able to dodge a attack from hardcore leveling warrior and catch a punch from Top Baldhead who gained a buff from nightmare. In fact, he only used his personal attribute because he was taking on both Baldhead and his companion while they were using nightmare implying he could take them one on one without his personal attribute. His personal attribute revolves around the theme of lying and by using it he can buff himself to a considerable extent and use mind manipulation that even roy han called a problem. However, the reason why the power of his personal attribute is irregular is due to the fact he awakened it under the influence of nightmare thus making his feats possible as said by Roy han

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  • Hypocrite's Lie - Players caught within the range of the skill believe Constant's Lie without any question.
  • Self-Deception - A skill that raises Constant's Physical Abilities to a Divine Level.
  • God Fooler - A mind manipulation skill that seems to be able to deceive even the Gods. Constant uses his power and the power of Nightmare to create a sort of pattern that even the God of Lucid Adventure, Roy Han finds dangerous.
  • Physical Deception: Constant's speed increases significantly.
  • Spell Deception: Constant is able to deceive even Magic.
    • Magic Destruction: Constant is able to neutralise magic attacks.
  • Fake Blow
  • Fake Entity

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