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Jin-Won, known as Constant[6] in Lucid Adventure, is a member of Giga.[7] He is a General Manager and the Assistant Team Leader of Giga's Special Investigation Department.[7]

For some unknown reason he became a 'member' of Chairman Kim's Workshop and was treated like a slave and beaten regularly.[7] In the the early years of Lucid Adventure, Constant was a member of Zara Guild.[7] Through the machinations of Sad Smile and Han Gun-Ho, Constant inadvertently caused Armes to be captured which eventually led to the collapse of Zara Guild.[8]

Not long after Armes' disappearance, Constant joined the Giga Guild.[9]


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Real World

Jin-Won was shown to be a young boy with black hair. He was malnourished and his entire body was full of bruises and a black eye due to the daily beatings Chairman Kim gave him. He wore a grey shirt and light blue shorts when he was in the Workshop.[7]

When he left, he wore a long sleeved grey shirt and blue pants.[9]

Lucid Adventure

During his time in the Zara Guild, Constant was a short kid with mint colored hair. He wore a robe with a red tunic underneath, light gray pants and light brown boots. When he was joining Giga, he had white pupils.[6]

Now, Constant's avatar grew, his hair had turned white and his hairstyle remained the same. He wears a black suit with orange long sleeve collar shirt and purple necktie, black pants and shoes. He has a black/purple cape draped around his chest that he wears from time to time. He also wears a purple and gold choker now that acts as a limiter for his powers.[10][11]

He can also be seen wearing the classic male giga uniform.[12]


Constant used to be a shy kid that idolized Hardcore Leveling Warrior and was seemingly childish and happy all the time.[6][13] However, his jolly attitude was a facade, Constant was actually frightened and miserable person, suffering at the Workshop.[7] His self esteem and confidence was broken until Hardcore Leveling Warrior built it back up slowly, this led to him idolizing him even more.[14] He was a kind kid at heart as he didn't want to ruin Armes' dream even when his life depended on it.[8]

Now, Constant grew to be a cold calculating psychopath under the care of Giga. According to Han Gun-Ho, Constant had already abandoned his humanity a long time ago.[15] He had also grown to be very possessive as he has stated numerous times that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was "his", tried to force Hardcore to join him in Giga so that they can play together again and even disobeyed the order of Han Gun-Ho and betrayed Giga to find him.[11][16]


By Constant

  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "I...I'm...Constant. Your...I...I'm your fan!"[6]
  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "I'm really happy you're in our guild, hyung. With your powerful skills and various strategies, I don't think it's impossible for our guild to conquer this world"[6]
  • (To Chairman Kim as Jin-Won): "I won't forget what happened here. I'm going to destroy you sooner or later. Just wait and see."[9]

To Constant

  • (Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Constant, you said you you haven't unlocked your personal attribute yet, right?... "Don't be too anxious in this game yet, there are many unexplained settings that will be revealed at some point. Maybe it's [Constant's personal attribute] such a tremendous ability, that it may not be able to manifest yet."[14]

About Constant

  • (Armes to Han Gun-Ho): "...Constant saw this too. Are you going yo do the same [Force him to stop playing the game] to him?"[9]
  • (Han Gun-Ho's response to Armes): "We'll take some measures, but...it will be different to yours. He's...he's very different to you"[9]

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Translation Notes & Issues

Issues and Errors

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Real Name

Constant's real name Jin-Won (Korean: 진원) is translated as incorrectly Jin by LINE Webtoon.

International Translations

Name Platform Language




LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Jin Constant LINE Webtoon (English) English
Jin-Won Constant LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • Some fans have come to compare Constant with Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul.
  • The author revealed that Constant's birthday is April 01.[5] This is the same day as April fools and further adds to his "Liar" motif. He shares the same birthday as Heart Heater.