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Connect is a skill used by Choco Bibi.[1] 


It seems like a skill that allows Choco Bibi to connect to the Divine Realm whilst using Mass Teleport to summon God's Armory.[1]

Choco Bibi is vulnerable and can be killed trying to connect as he tries to connect to God's Armory so he needs allies to protect him.[2]

It seems like it takes some time for the connection to be reach 100%. If the connection is interupted, Choco Bibi can continue from the percentage he was last on.


The Combat Tournament - Subjugation Round

Choco Bibi got into a mediating postion to prepare the Mass Teleport spell but got stabbed in the heart by Octonash.[2]

The Connection is interupted and Choco Bibi is revived by Lime. After his revival the connection restarts from where he left off and once it reached 100%, he was able to Connect directly to the Divine Realm and summon God's Armory.[1]

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