Conceptual Magic (개념적 마법, gaenyeomjeog mabeob) is type of spell in Lucid Adventure.


It is a spell made from the concept of someone's Personal Attribute. Usually, it's made with Person-Type Personal Attributes.[1]

Since it's a Personal Attribute where you use certain character as your occupation, it usually depends on the weapons, skills and spells they well as their personal history and background.[1]

The Spell takes the 'Concept' of that person's past or things other people know about them and turns it into a spell with mana of their Personal Attribute. Unlike Dragon Magic or Ancient Magic, it's a totally individual, personalised type of magic.[1]

That's why there are so many different types. It can be anything from a weapon to a vehicle or even some kind of space. The possibilities are endless.[1]

According to Tempest, a lot of Rankers have their own Conceptual Magic which is the reason they don't reveal much about themselves as they don't want anyone using Concept Destruction against them.[1]

Known Conceptual Magic

Name Personal




Santa Maria Adventurer



No Name

A giant ship based on Christopher Columbus' ship is summoned.
Seotda  Hwatu Hungry Ghost

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Notes & Trivia

  • Master Swordsman is one of the rankers thaty uses Conceptual Magic but this has not been disclosed.[1]


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