This page contains a list of common Korean honorifics and terms. They are romanized Korean to English terms.


  • Ahjumma / Ajumma (아줌마 ): Respectful call name for married woman or neighbourhood auntie. Middle aged woman. (Caution! : Single women (women that have yet to marry / entered matrimonial) will be angry / pissed off if you use it on them.)
  • Ahjussi / Ajussi (아저씨): Respectful call name for married man or neighbourhood uncle. Middle aged men.
  • Ajae (아재): A middle aged guy who has old-fashioned style and makes old school jokes


  • Chaebol (재벌): A type of family run business conglomerate. Members of that family are often called chaebols.


  • Dongsaeng (동생): Younger Sibling. A word describing a family or friendship relationship. It is used to refer to one's younger sibling or a close friend that is younger than oneself.[1]


  • Gosu (고수): A Korean term used to refer to a highly skilled person. In computer gaming the term is usually used to refer to a person who dominated games like StarCraftCounter-Strike, Tekken, Warcraft IIIDiablo IIDotALeague of LegendsHeroes of the StormOverwatch and others. The term was adopted by gaming communities in many countries because of a large South Korean presence in online gaming communities.
  • Gosunim: A more respectful way of saying Gosu.


  • Hyeong/Hyung (형): Elder brother of a male. It is used by males to refer to an older male. It can be their actual older brother or someone they are close to. Even between twins, the older brother usually addressed as “hyeong/Hyung” by his younger twin brother.
  • Hyungnim: more respectful way of saying Hyung.


  • Japtem (잡템) is a term used to describe in-game items that aren't materials or equipment such as loot. Japtem items could be otherwise called miscellaneous (shortened to "misc") or sundries.


  • Manrep (만렙): Full level (滿lev). It is a gaming word. It means maximum level. 만 here came from 한자, 만(滿), meaning full. 만렙 means to become full level or maximum level. 렙 is the shortened form of 레벨, level. Although it is a gaming word, it is used a lot in daily lives. When someone is a master of something, many people call him or her 만렙.


  • Nim (님): A formal term showing respect. It is usually attached after a name, an occupation or title.
  • Nuna/ Noona (누나): Elder sister. A term used by males to refer to an older female. It usually symbolises closeness.
  • Noonim: A more respectful way of saying Noona.


  • Oppa (오빠): Elder brother. A term used by females to refer to males slightly older than them that they respect. It symbolises closeness.


  • Sahyung/Sahyeong (사형): Elder brother. A term of respect
  • Ssi (씨): Mister or Miss. A title of respect. It is usually attached after actual names.
  • Sunbae (선배): Senior. A term of respect used to refer to someone older than you who usually goes to the same school or works in the same place as you.


  • Tteokbap (떡밥): Originally used to describe the paste bait used to catch fish, but now is a metaphor to describe something popular and hot like a hot topic, hot issue, or hot information that will catch people's interest.


  • Unni (언니): Elder sister, used by females to refer to females slightly older than them.


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