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The Martial Arts Combat Round is like the strawberry at the top of a cake. A pure combat, one on one..
 God of Combat[source]

Martial Arts Combat Round was the fourth and final stage of the Combat Tournament.


The Martial Arts Combat Round is a pure combat round, with the classic "one on one" duels and has strict regulations on cheating. Only skills are allowed, nothing more during the round.

According to the God of Combat, the Martial Arts Combat Round is like the strawberry at the top of his cake and if anyone messes with his strawberry the God of Combat is eligible to punish that someone himself.


Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes

무투전 is incorrectly translated as PvP Round by LINE Webtoon.

LINE translated 무투 as PvP. 무투 is the Korean form of the hanja 武鬪, it is a Japanese-style Chinese character that is not listed in the Korean dictionary. 武 means "martial arts" and 鬪 means "fighting; combat". So 무투 means "Martial Arts Fighting". 무투 is sometimes translated as simply "Martial Arts".

The correct translation of 무투전 would be Martial Arts Combat Round. 무투 is sometimes just called Martial Arts.

Because in this webtoon, '무투' in is usually used when players do PvP fighting, LINE Webtoon translators most likely used 'PVP' instead of 'martial arts fighting.' Also, some players in this webtoon do not use martial arts for PVPs. For example, Timmy, who has an architect class, uses his architecture skills for PVP fighting. His skill is definitely not a kind of martial arts, but he used it as a 무투 skill. This is the most probable explanation as to why LINE translators describe 무투 as PVP and not martial arts fighting.

The problem here is that PvP means 'Player vs Player' and The Combat Tournament involves NPCs. This ultimately makes the PvP use redundant.

Notes & Trivia

  • The God of Combat wanted to rush the previous rounds of the tournament in order to get to the Martial Arts Combat Round.