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Combat Power is a person's pure fighting prowess.


It is the total fighting ability of a Lucid Adventure's character. The standard measuring system for combat power in the first season appeared to be letters, as both Umai and Giga scouts utilised them.[1]

Lucid Ball presents combat power as a numerical value.[2] So far, the only known method to deduce a character's combat Power in a numerical value is through the use of the Lucid Ball skill, Peek.[2]

Known Combat Powers



Combat Power System Info
No Name Estimated SS[3] Giga


Right before the PvP Semifinals. This put her on the level of a 2 digit ranker.
Heriach Over 50000[2] Lucid Ball Secretary Kim saw this after Heriach activated 12 Labors of Hercules.

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Changes

전투력  is incorrectly translated as Combat Stats in Season 2 Episode 23 and Battle Stats in Episode 143, Season 2 Episode 60 and Season 2 Episode 61 by LINE Webtoon.

'전투' means "combat; battle". '력' is the Korean form of the Chinese word '力'; '力' literally means "strength; power".

전투력 therefore means Combat Power or Battle Power.

Notes & Trivia

  • It has been revealed that Ham has the highest Combat Power in Giga.[4]
  • Ham was able to measure Stone's combat power during Stone's battle with Ge Des.[5] it is unclear what skill was used for this or if a skill was used at all.
  • During Stone's battle with Ge Des, Stone's combat power reached 99.27% of the Lucid Ball reference value, which is the ranked no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[5]
  • The Combat Power concept is similar to several concepts found in several mangas/manhwa.