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Coma is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is a member of Dark Land and shares a close friendship with Elena. During the first season, he was ranked the 9th strongest player by Giga Scouts. During the war between the Gods on the Tomb of Swords, Coma played a big part in turning the tide against the Nightmare Players.

After the time skip, Coma is ranked the 9th strongest player under the Lucid Ball Ranking System. As predicted by The Fortune-Teller, he joined Dark Land along with Elena.


Coma is from the Mechanic Tribe, as such, his entire body consisted of mechanical parts that can be replaced. His head is a large round object with three holes, resembling a bowling ball, and a small antenna on top. His entire body is humanoid and robotic which consists of blue and light colored parts.


Lucid Adventure


Coma is an intelligent and careful person. As the strategist of his partnership with Helena, he often leads the charge and tells the orders. Coma firmly believes in his analytics as he refused to fall for Nightmare Akira's bluff because his analysis showed him a very large percentage of winning against him. Coma is quite friendly as he gets along with everyone he meets such as Master Swordsman and the player he saved during a raid.


Dark Land


Coma and Elena are close friends and partners. They've known and cooperated with each other for a long time. He's often the one leading and strategizing in their team with his machines whilst Elena supported him with her summons. Coma teased Elena's temperature rising whilst she was watching Light to which Elena told him to shut up.


Coma recognized Dark the Champion of the Combat Tournament, Friend of Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The Number One Rank, and the grandson of the chairman. As such, Coma highly regards Dark and joined his guild two years later.


Coma is one of the top ten players and is ranked no.9 according to the Lucid Ball, making him one of the strongest players in Lucid Adventure. His power lies in the numerous amount of machines that he can summon and the firepower each machine wields.

Skill Tree

Mechanic Skills

  • Reverse Hacking: Coma summons multiple drones which he can use to hack any machine he chooses.
  • Beam: Coma fires off a beam from himself or through his drones. Each drone can fire off a beam.
  • Download - War: Coma summons hundreds of mechanical war machines such as Combat Planes, Tanks and Tanks that are capable of launching highly destructive missiles and bombs at the target.



Season 1

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

Ragnarök Arc

Season 2

The Great War Begins Arc

Beyond the Boundary Arc

Translation Issues

Notes & Trivia

  • The character's name, design and colour-scheme may have been inspired by Tachikoma (타치코마) from the Ghost in the Shell series.
  • Curiously, Coma's ranking in both the Giga System and Lucid Ball system are exactly the same. He temporarily held this distinction till Elena went from Rank 12 to 11 in the Lucid Ball System, matching her own ranking under Giga's system.