Coma is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is a member of Dark Land and shares a close friendship with Elena. During the first season, he was ranked the 9th strongest player by Giga Scouts. During the war between the Gods on the Tomb of Swords, Coma played a big part in turning the tide against the Nightmare Players.

After the timeskip, Coma is ranked the 9th strongest player under the Lucid Ball Ranking System. As predicted by The Fortune-Teller, he joined Dark Land along with Elena.



Lucid Adventure



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Notes & Trivia

  • The character's name, design and colour-scheme may have been inspired by Tachikoma (타치코마) from the Ghost in the Shell series.
  • Curiously, Coma's ranking in both the Giga System and Lucid Ball system are exactly the same. He temporarily held this distinction till Elena went from Rank 12 to 11 in the Lucid Ball System, matching her own ranking under Giga's system.


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