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Cocomori is a player in Lucid Adventure. She is a former member of Giga and currently a member of the Grass Roots Guild. After her team got knocked out of the Combat Tournament during the Siege Round, she was discarded by Han Soo-Ah and has sworn to get revenge on her. She joined the Grass Roots Guild to participate in the PvP Round and to get her revenge on both Han Soo-Ah and Giga.[5]

During the time skip, she ventured with the Grass Roots Guild in search for better items but fell into despair when she didn't get one.[6] She also went through closed training in the time skip and returned with an Ego Sword that she states was hard to get.[3]


General - Cocomori has a slightly muscular and tall build. Her hair is pale pink and her eyes are deep pink and circular in shape.

Giga - Cocomori wears a standard female Giga uniform, consisting of a long white cape and white suit and pants. The whole uniform is decorated with gold embroidery (i.e. Shoulder piece, Belt, Buttons). Her twin-swords are carried behind her by a sword strap. Her shoulder-length pink hair is unruly and covers her face.

Team Choco Bibi (Combat Tournament) - She wears metal plate armour and the long white cape. Her fridge is tied up with a rubber band so that it no longer covers her face. Her sword is slung at hip-level. She also wears hot pink arm-length gloves.

Angel's Blessings (Combat Tournament) - Received Tempest's blessing ability. Her left eye glows with blue fire. Her left arm is wrapped in feathers and her hair is crowned with two angel wings.

Season 2 - Her hair has been cut short into a bob cut style. She wears brown arm-length gloves. Her outfit is now a sleeveless black top and a pair of baggy brown pants.

She has a larger ego sword, which is hung from her back. Its handle is wrapped in colourful fabric and its eye is located at the sword's cross-guard.



Video Games


Cocomori was first shown to be a boastful person and self proclaimed herself as a good swordsman, denying the fact that she was rejected by 'Ego Sword' and casting 'Item Break' on it so that no one would have it if she couldn't even complaining that the Ego Sword was 'defective'.[7] When she was fired by Sua Han, she was vengeful enough to join the enemy guild 'Grass Roots' in order to get back at her and said that she'll take over it.[5] She even thought that beating Light would be perfect for her revenge.[8]

However, during her time with the Grass Roots, she became a friendly and caring person. She had cared for Choco Bibi when he was blind and even secretly smiled when Tempest and Drip Soup brought the solution to his blindness.[1] She even opted to abandon the mission of rescuing Hardcore Leveling Warrior since she didn't want her guild master to die for him.[9]


The Giga Empire

Han Soo-Ah

Cocomori and Han Soo-Ah had former master-servant relationship but they were on good terms enought that Cocomori to be casual enough to complain in front of her employer, Han Soo-Ah. After Soo-Ah fired her however, they've been on bad terms ever since. Cocomori was angry enough that she joined the Grass Roots just to get revenge on Han Soo-Ah.[8]

Cocomori had complicated and mixed feelings with Han Soo-Ah. On one hand, she feels a thirst of revenge and a sense of inferiority to her but on the other hand, she feels a mixture of love and hatred towards someone like her that she can't reach. However, Cocomori claims to have erased that part of her past a long time ago.[10]

Han Gun-Soo

Cocomori personally thought that Han Gun-Soo was the perfect way of getting revenge on Han Soo-Ah.[8]

Secretary Kim

They are not on good terms as Secretary Kim insulted her for not being a part of Giga anymore.[8]

Grass Roots Guild

At first, Cocomori was distant with them and kept her guard up since she intended to only use them to win the tournament and get her revenge but due to the kindness shown by Choco Bibi and the other member's support, she became fond of them and officially became a close member of their guild.

The Best Swordsman

When Cocomori first joined the Grass Roots, she flattered Master Swordsman and respectfully calls him "-nim" although this was only a facade and she just wanted to take over his guild.[5] In due time, Cocomori came to respect Master Swordsman for real and caring for him like the rest of the Grass Roots, worrying that he was willing to fight on for Hardcore Leveling Warrior despite being half-blind.[9]

Choco Bibi

They are good friends. She blushed when Choco Bibi protected her from Sua Han and took care of him during the time when he was almost blind. She was on guard around the Grass Roots at first but Bibi reassured her that she didn't have to be around them.[11] Because of this, she became friendly with the other guild members. They even complained together about Tempest being a know-it-all.[12]

Drip Soup

They were enemies at first when they competed for the ownership of the Ego Sword.[7] When she joined the Grass Roots, Drip Soup was highly suspicious of her but Cocomori pretended to not remember any hostilities between them back then.[5] In time, she became casual and friendly around him, stealing his drink and letting him call her "Big Sister" or "Sis" multiple times.[13]


Like the rest of the other members, in time, she became casual around him and became friends. She noted about him that he was enjoying being a know-it-all alongside Choco Bibi.[12]

Wheat Field View

Being in the same guild together, they became friends as well. Cocomori handed her the medicine meant for Choco Bibi and asked her to treat Drip Soup and Tempest instead.[1]

New Nightmare

Nightmare Cocomori

Though they never interacted much, Cocomori is assumed to feel the same way towards her Nightmare counterpart much like her fellow guildmates. When Nightmare Cocomori called out her past, Cocomori denied her claim that she knows her full well and that she erased the pathetic past she told her a long time ago.[10]

Skills & Abilities


Cocomori is a very strong and proficient swordswoman, possessing great sword energy that peaks the skies itself.[7] She is a renown master in the art of sword drawing technique, capable of even cutting apart barriers of Master Wizards.[8]

Her skill and strength is exceptional enough that Choco Bibi thought that now that they had both the Best Swordsman and her, they stand a chance against Ruud Ra Kan.[14] Nightmare Cocomori was surprised for a bit when Cocomori, her original, managed to match her blade. Her swordsmanship is even praised by the Rank No.4, The Best Swordsman, for having the best Iaijutsu or Quick-Draw in Lucid Adventure and for its remarkable offensive power.[10]


Cocomori is an exceptional and fast swordswoman. A testament to her level of swordsmanship was shown from the beginning when she emitted a great amount of sword energy from herself, peaking the skies themselves.[7]

Her mastery in the art of the sword drawing technique is well-known and can break the barrier of a Master Wizard.[8] Her quick-draw is even praised by the no.4 ranker, The Best Swordsman, to be the best in the game. Her offensive power is very strong as it is what her swordsmanship is entirely focused which the Best Swordsman said to be good enough.[10]

Attack Power: Cocomori's swordsmanship is very strong and stated to be good enough by the no.4 Ranker, The Best Swordsman, since her entire swordsmanship is entirely focused around offense.[10]

Iaijutsu: A combative quick-draw sword technique that can be aggressively used to wage a premeditated attack against an enemy. Cocomori's Iaijutsu is stated by no.4 Ranker to be the best in the game, even better than him personally.[10]

Magic Cutting: Cocomori's swordsmanship specializes in cutting apart magic itself, neutralizing or destroying any magical skills such as barriers of Master Wizards.[8]

Ego Sword

Main Article: Demonic Sword

Cocomori's Demonic Sword is a debuff type that contains a curse called Amnesia, a skill that erases a part of the opponent's memory which she can place on other players. However, it is entirely unknown how Cocomori can place Amnesia upon her opponents but it is assumed to be most likely by clashing swords.[10]

The abilities of her Ego Sword is considerably strong as it took a considerable amount of time for Cocomori to tame it.[3]

Combat Style

Cocomori is an agile swordswoman that prefers to move around her target. She has a great advantage against wizards as her magic cutting swordsmanship cuts apart any magic they perform.

She uses her Demonic Ego Sword to delete a part of her opponent's memory during battle, allowing her to finish them off with her deadly swordsmanship and leaving them baffled at what just happened.[10]

Skill Tree


  • Weapon Break: Cocomori breaks the weapon with sheer force alone.
  • Magic Slash: Cocomori neutralizes or destroys any magic with a slash of of her sword.



  • Sword: Cocomori uses a katana like sword that is capable of cutting through magic.[15]
  • Cocomori's Ego Sword: The abilities of the weapon are unknown. Cocomori was able to tame the sword during the Grass Roots Guild's closed training.[3]



At some point in time, Cocomori entered into Han Soo-ah's service and became her bodyguard.[2]

Season 1

Combat Tournament Prelude Arc

Cocomori attempts to tame the Ego Sword as her employer, Han Soo-Ah, allows her to. She then competes with other swordsmen such as Sora and Drip Soup.[2] She attempts to try first but was interrupted by Drip Soup. The two almost get into fight until Sora reminded them of the rule in the Combat Tournament.[7]

After a game of rock, paper and scissors, Cocomori became the second swordsman to try out the sword. When her turn came, she tried to unleash her Sword Spirit to its limit but after failing to tame the sword, she secretly casted Weapon Break, and then left.[7]

Siege Round Arc

Cocomori's team faces off against Team Choco Bibi in the Siege Round. Her team loses against them with Drip Soup winning over their fight.[5]

Post-Dark's Birthday Arc

Going to the Grass Roots Guild's base, Cocomori sought to join Grass Roots Guild although Drip Soup questioned her on what she's trying to do after figuring out who she was. After the Best Swordsman dealt with Drip Soup, she was welcomed into the castle by the Best Swordsman who she then complimented by saying she was his fan.[5]

After she joined the guild, she then thought that the reason she joined this "dump" guild was to take over, win the PvP tournament and get her revenge on Han Soo-Ah for abandoning her.[5]

PvP Round Prelude Arc

Cocomori officially joins Team Choco Bibi but is discovered by Han Soo-Ah who attempts hit her for going against her. Choco Bibi takes the hit and tells Han Soo-Ah off, saying that Cocomori is in their guild now and to not treat her as if she belonged to her still.[11]

She is stunned by his act and slightly protests that she could've handled it herself to Choco Bibi who says that it was just a friendly gesture that she can open up to him and his team.[11]

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Team Choco Bibi faces off against Team Light. Before the start of the match, Cocomori states to Drip Soup that facing Team Light was what she wanted. She is then insulted by Secretary Kim but Choco Bibi defends her.[8]

As the match begins, Team Choco Bibi initiates the fight first with fierce attacks that forced Team Light to create a barrier. Cocomori appears from above Team Light and uses her sword drawing technique to destroy the barrier in one slash.[8]

The match is shown once again with Cocomori backs up Drip Soup, who was blown away. After Light launched his spells, Choco Bibi teleported Cocomori and his team across the field, dodging Light's light attacks.[16]

After those series of attacks, Team Choco Bibi readies themselves once more to fight with Cocomori in her sword draw form as Choco Bibi shares his mana and skill. She charges first at Team Light, teleporting behind Secretary Park and attempts to attack him from the back but she teleports once again to dodge Secretary Kim's attack and appears behind her instead. She is alerted on how fast Secretary Kim's reaction was to her attack. She and the others then attack Team Light in a series of teleports.[16]

After Tempest's elimination in the match, Cocomori engages a fight against Secretary Kim with her on the offensive. She was then buffed by Tempest's skill Blessings of the Dead. She is shocked however when Drip Soup fell to Majin Light.[15]

Cocomori teleports and attempts to attack Majin Light behind but is quickly slashed apart by Light's Magic Sword - Dolce.[15] Her team eventually lost to Team Light.[17]

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

Cocomori is seen watching the battles of Team Light vs Team Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing and Team Dark and Team Taoist alongside her guild members.[18][19]

Ragnarök Arc

Cocomori is teleported alongside Tempest and Drip Soup by Choco Bibi to the Best Swordsman's location as the God of Combat and Zero clashed. The Grass Roots are teleported once again to Yopy's location and devised a plan.[20] The plan starts as Cocomori and Drip Soup eliminate a group of Nightmares.[21]

While Drip Soup held Firecracker in place, Cocomori swooped in and slashed her completely in half. She refuses Drip Soup's hand five and readies herself for Firecracker who regenerated her fatal attack.[13] She is then seen throughout the battle fighting with Firecracker with Drip Soup and Tempest. She and her friends then defeat Firecracker with the help of other players.[22]

The Nightmare Players are born after the second daughter of Zero sacrificed herself. Cocomori faces off against Nightmare Cocomori. She is then teleported back in Yopy Land alongside hundreds of players.[22]

Time skip

AE 1

Cocomori came with multiple potions for the eyes to treat Choco Bibi until Drip Soup and Tempest arrived with his glasses. She then gives the potions to Wheat Field View, telling her to give them to Drip Soup and Tempest who looked injured. She had a smile on her face as she left.[1]


In a flashback, Cocomori was in a meeting along with the Grass Roots in regards to their guild as a whole. Cocomori and the Grass Roots helped each other with attributes, skills, and item settings, improving themselves one at a time.[6]

She and the Grass Roots hunted named monster again and again for item although Cocomori wasn't so lucky and fell into despair.[6]

Season 2

The Great War Begins Arc

Cocomori officially returns with the Grass Roots, with an entirely new attire and an Ego Weapon. She had closed training in her absence but thanks to that, she was able to break into her Ego Sword.[3]

Later on, she and the Grass Roots are underground along with Dark's party in a meeting. During the meeting, she noted that Tempest enjoyed being a bookworm that taught other people.[12]

Beyond the Boundary Arc

The Grass Roots and Cocomori are within the outskirts of Jelly Village. She and the others were ambushed by Ruud Ra Kan, who kicked the Best Swordsman to a cliffside. Cocomori and Drip Soup attempted to attack Ruud Ra Kan first but their attacks did no damage to him.[14] She and Drip Soup attempted to attack him again but were blown away by him.[23]

Cocomori and the Grass Roots, excluding the Best Swordsman who stayed behind, teleported inside Jelly Village. She was worried about the Guild master but was reassured by Choco Bibi that he'll do just fine. She and the others took care of the nightmarized monsters inside the village.[23]

She and the Grass Roots teleported back to the Best Swordsman's location to assist him.[24] After seeing the scale of the meteor, they then teleported into their territory. They then discussed whether or not to retreat from Ruud Ra Kan. When the demon followed them, Cocomori and the Grass Roots combined their attacks which did nothing to him. Cocomori was shook by the mana that the demon was emitting.[25]

After the Best Swordsman unleashed Uldolmok, Cocomori and Drip Soup attacked Ruud Ra Kan who was held down by the conceptual magic.[26] When Nightmarized Demios emerged, they were all shocked but were forced outside of the conceptual magic by the Best Swordsman.[26]

Cocomori and the others Grass Roots were worried for him when he came back and due to the condition he suffered. When he collapsed, Cocomori was immediately worried once more alongside her members.[27] They then teleported to Dark's location at the boundary when the Best Swordsman woke up.[28] Cocomori opted for the Best Swordsman and her guild to fall back because they can't risk their guild master to die for someone else's friend. She was punished, however lightly unlike the others by the Best Swordsman. The Best Swordsman reassured them that they should press on and fight. After hearing his words, she thought it'd be cool to fight till the end. Soon after, they left for the Demon World.[9]

Demon World Arc

Cocomori and the Grass Roots excluding Choco Bibi were stationed at Devhorn Village in case any Nightmare or Demons attack while Dark's group went to rescue Le. Rajie.[29]

After Dark returned, Cocomori and the Grass Roots had a light hearted talk. They then left for the Demon King Castle for Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[30]

Notes & Trivia

  • Cocomori's Ego Sword is reminiscent of the Long Swords of the Monster Hunter franchise.
  • The author revealed that Cocomori's birthday is February 2nd.[4]