Class Type is one of the Four Personal Attribute Types in Lucid Adventure. It is a Tier 2 Personal Attribute.


About 25% of the players in Lucid Adventure correspond to this Tier. Players with this Personal Attribute get an extra Class Type but a hidden condition must be met in order for this to happen. Class Types are known after the player reaches Level 40.[1]

A Player with a Class Type Personal Attribute can potentially have double the Job Advancement potential compared to the other Classes.

Known Class Types

  • Taster - Sora is able to increase her stats as well as unlock different skills skills by consuming different types and volumes of foods.
  • Absolute Luck: The class of Hardcore Leveling Warrior. it grants him various passives that make him extremely lucky.

Notes & Trivia

  • In the Appendix about Personal Attributes in Episode 22, the Author wrote that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's personal attribute was a 'Class Type'. This is supported by the original description that The Ruler being a part of his personal attribute skill tree (though it seems to be a gambler skill). When Hardcore Leveling Warrior was about to defeat The Spirit of Mirror in Episode 25, he said that his 'True' Personal Attribute was 'Absolute Luck' which was implied to be Transcendental Skill Type by the Spirit of Mirror when The Ruler prevented him from using his Memory Erasing skill. At this present moment the exact nature has not been revealed. If he is a Class Type then we haven't been shown his other class and we still do not know any of his job advancements either or if he has any. Either the author made an error and retconned it later or Hardcore Leveling Warrior was lying about his 'true' personal attribute being The Absolute Luck which is possible as he is very secretive with his skills. Hopefully this iwll be cleared up in future Episodes. Due to the fact the ruler seems to be a gambler skill (Hungry Ghost used it), it brings some more mystery on the attribute


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