A Job, also known as a Class, is used to differentiate the abilities of players in Lucid Adventure.


About 30% of the players in Lucid Adventure are 'Combat Class' like Swordsmen and Gunners whilst the remaining 70% are 'Normal Class' like Farmers and Merchants.[1]

There are plenty of other things to do besides fighting.[1] For example, people who are into architecture can focus on making buildings or some people find a secret forest and build their own little kingdoms where they can live in comfort or there are those who hide in the game world and gamble away with their mortgage.[2] The possibilities are endless.

In order to change from a 'Normal Class' to a 'Combat Class' players have to Complete a Job Advancement Quest which are quite difficult.[1]

Once you choose a 'Job' you don't simply stay with it. Once a player reaches Level 90 you can choose more specific Jobs within. A second Job can be chosen that suits the players interest or Personal Attributes. For example, Tempest is a Gunner but he chose Holy Shooter as his second Job and now uses firearms with Holy Power in Battle.[3]

Bubble is originally a Magician but she advanced to an Elementalist to use her Personal Attribute, Bubbles to use various kinds of Bubbles.[3]

It is unknown how many Job Advancements there are but normally people who completed the 5th Job Advancement and certain Quests are known as 'Masters'.[3] The only 'Master' revealed so far in the series is the Master Magician, Light.[4]

Known Classes in Lucid Adventure

Job Name Source Person Info
Archer Nostalgia


Base Class
Adventurer (?) No Name Speculative Class
Berserker Bamboo Spear Man Base Class
Carpenter Timmy
Cartoonist Beubeu
Black Magician



Pooh Upooh

Sad Smile

Magician Old Face

Base Class
Dragon Knight Heart Heater (Former)
Elementalist Bubble Job Advancement of Magician
Explorer (?) Armes

No Name

Speculative Class
Farmer Only Mentioned
Gambler Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hungry Ghost

Base Class
Great Swordsman Sora Job Advancement of Swordsman
Gunner Tempest Base Class
Healer Scallion Head

Alpaca Man

The Ultimate Healer


Piyu Piyu

Base Class
Hell's Kitchen - Mad Chef Lila Hidden Class of the Chef Class.
Holy Shooter Tempest Job Advancement of Gunner
Holy Swordsman Drip Soup Job Advancement of Swordsman
Knight Hero Knight
Magician Light


Choco Bibi



Base Class

Martial Artist Brown Hair Guy

Rui Rui

Base Class
Merchant Heart HeaterKoosiam

Lali Luga


Ninja Korean Ninja
Painting Magician Wheat Field View
Scouter Park the Glasses

Rhythm Monkey


Slugger Only Mentioned Job Advancement of Gunner
Sniper Only Mentioned Job Advancement of Gunner
Space Magician Choco Bibi

Sad Smile (acquired from Philip)


Possible Job Advancement of Magician
Swordsman Sora

Master Swordsman

Drip Soup


Hooded Swordswoman


Base Class
Taoist Taoist Kim
Taster Sora Hidden Class
Thief Keynes Base Class
Virus The Ultimate Healer Hidden Class
Weapons Master: Sword Specialist Secretary Park Weapons Master Class
Wrestler Anchovy Ending Speculative Class

Notes & Trivia

  • 'Job' (직업) and 'Class' (클래스) are used interchangeably in the Webtoon. Both are used to describe a character's class.


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