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Min, known as Choco Flavoured Potato Soup in Lucid Adventure and more commonly known by his nickname Chota, is a member of Dark Land and a student of Lucid High. In Season 1, he was a naive noob that was PKed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior after asking HCLW for 10 Gold. Hardcore Leveling Warrior pretended to give him 1000 but immediately PKed him afterwards.[5]

After the two year timeskip, he joined Lucid High and is currently a freshman in Class 4 alongside Dark, Lu Bu and Werewolf.[1]


Choco Flavoured Potato Soup is a very small player with grey coloured hair and a patch on his head.His head is disproportionately larger than his body. He has no sclera and has black eyes. He wore generic outfit befitting his low level, with a brown coloured long sleeve T-shirt and black trousers and no shoes.

When his character was being controlled by Zero, he later wore a blue long sleeved T-shirt with black trousers and brown shoes.

He carried a dagger on his left side.[5]

Two years later, Choco Flavoured Potato Soup has grown in height and his head is in proportion to his body. He still retains the large black eyes and has bluish hair with a pink tint. He wears a blue robe with a hoodie.[1]



Lucid Adventure

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Although not much is known about Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's personality, he appeared to be extremely naive, as he was unaware of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's reputation while asking him for some money.[5]

Two years later, Chota seems nervous and stutters when introducing himself to Dark. Despite being at a low level, he was still determined to contribute in some way to the group which is why he wanted to carry the Nightmare Core and pestered Dark until he let him have it. As noted by Lu Bu, he is very persistent.[1][6]


Dark land


Chota is in the same class and assignment group as Dark. Dark thinks his nickname, Chota is weird. Chota was nervous on his first meeting with Dark.He appreciated Carter Han letting him join the group and thinks he's a really nice guy, which Dark thought was cringy.[1] Chota was in awe of Dark's strength when he defeated Gurland's Nightmare Soldiers.[6]

Lu Bu

Chota is in the same class and assignment group as Lu Bu. Chota was asked to join the group because Dark insisted they needed on more person. Lu Bu protected Chota from Gurland's attack and thinks Chota is persistent.[1][6]


Chota is in the same class and assignment group as Wolf . As the new student in Lucid High, Chota was invited by and Wo[7]lf to join their assignment group because Dark insisted they needed on more person. Wolf is very protective of Chota and chastised Dark for acting coldly towards him when he was running late.[1]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Chota looked up to Hardcore Leveling Warrior and respectfully called him 'Gosu-nim'. He naively begged Hardcore Leveling Warrior for 10 Gold and was Pk'ed by the Rank no.1 for his troubles.[5]

After his PK, he tried to log back into Lucid Adventure but could not as Zero had hacked his account which led Chota to not play Lucid Adventure for two years. It was due to this that Chota remained at such a low level.[1]

Skills & Abilities

At the start of the series Choco Flavoured Potato Soup was a low level player that was very weak and naive.[5] Due to not playing the game after he was PKed, two years later, he is still a low level player.[1] Despite being extremely weak, Chota holds the distinction of being the only known player to defeat the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior. In reality, it was Zero who hacked his account to defeat Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It was due to this that Chota acquired the title The One Who Defeated the Rank No.1.

In Season 2, due to his extremely low level, Chota was too weak to face any of the enemies his group has encountered and has to stay at the back where he can be protected by his teammates.

After retrieving the divine item from the Tower of Abstinence, Chota began training and levelling up rapidly with the aid of his title. Sometime after the Summit, He became level 47. He was able to defeat multiple Goblins and even defeat a Level 80 Goblon by himself.[8][9]

Swordsmanship: Chota was taught basic swordsmanship from Sora. She taught him that During his fight with the Goblins, he was able to defeat multiple Goblins with a sword.

Tactical Skills: Chota is able to quickly think of any tactics in a fight and even analyze his opponent's tactics quickly.

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Sandbag Slime (Personal Attribute)

Skill Tree

Swordsman Skills

  • Bash: An attack skill of the swordsman class. Chota delivers a powerful single slash to the target. He may have learned the skill from Sora who taught him how to fight with a sword.[10]

Gambler Skills

  • Lucky Coin: A Gambler Class Skill that grants a buff or a debuff depending on what side it lands on.  If the coin lands on heads, it gives the user a buff, but If it lands on tails then there is either no effect, a debuff to the user or it buffs the opponents. Chota is able to use this skill due to his Sandbag Slime personal attribute that lets him use the skill of an enemy that has attacked him and killed him.[9]
  • Borrow: Chota borrows a stat or skill from his allies.
    • Soul Man Wonderland: A passive skill that he borrowed from Dark that allows his stats to increase from the dead monsters nearby.


Level Stats Instance Info
3 ??? Episode 1 -
47 ??? S.2 Episode 42





  • Dagger - Choco Flavoured Potato Soup had a small dagger equipped during his encounter with Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The dagger resembled the Paralysis Sword.[5]



Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's past has not been revealed, but at some point he created a Lucid Adventure account and managed to raise his character's level to level 3.[5]

Season 1

Flashback of Chota begging the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior for money (Season 2 Episode 43).jpg

The Reset Arc

Flashback of Chota being PKd by Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Season 2 Episode 43).jpg

Choco Flavoured Potato Soup encountered Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the Western Kingdom of Lucid Adventure, begging him for 10 Gold to the shock of the observing crowd. Hardcore Leveling Warrior pretends to give him 1000 Gold before PKing him. After Chota died, the NPC Guard came to arrest Hardcore Leveling Warrior but was bribed.[5]

Choco Flavoured Potato Soup stabs Hardcore Leveling Warrior with the Paralysis Sword (Episode 1).jpg

Zero hacked Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's account and hid under the dead bodies of the defeated Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Alliance members. Whilst Hardcore Leveling Warrior is facing the resurrected Zombie Dragon, Zero uses Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's account to attack Hardcore Leveling Warrior with a sword. Hardcore Leveling Warrior is paralyzed and a Choco Flavoured Potato Soup transforms into a Mysterious Assassin.[5]

After getting PKed, Min tried logging into Lucid Adventure again but he couldn't. He did not play for a while after that.[1]

Season 2

Reunion Arc

Chota with The Nightmare Core (Season 2 Episode 1).jpg

Two years later, Min joined Lucid High fairly recently and became part of Class 4. He was put in an assignment group that included Dark, Lu Bu and Wolf. Chota logged into Lucid Adventure late to meet his assignment group. He watched as they took down the Nightmarised monster and was eager to contribute to the group by holding on to the Nightmare Core despite Dark's initial reluctance. The group is attacked by Gurland and Chota is saved by Lu Bu, but drops the Nightmare Core in the process which is then picked up by Gurland.[1]

Chota being Nightmarized by Gurland (Season 2 Episode 2).jpg

After Gurland's head is blown off by Dark's Bear Hunt, Chota catches the dropped Nightmare Core. Chota watched in awe as Dark destroyed Gurland's Nightmare Soldiers. After Gurland was destroyed, the remaining piece of him stabbed Chota and Nightmarised him, turning him into a form that resembled Rank 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[6] Gurland engages Dark and Dark attempts to capture him. Gurland then sends Nightmare Servants to attack the Castle and they are stopped by the returning Sora. Sora then goes on to defeat Gurland by splitting him in half.[11][12]

Anti-Nightmare Quarantine Device removing Nightmare from Chota.jpg

Chota is separated from Gurland and is quarantined by Heart Heater's Anti-Nightmare Quarantine Device. He is taken to Quest House to recover and the relieved Hohians speak to him but he does not understand what they are saying. Chota rejoins the group and a piece of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin is pulled from his eye by Dark. Rim then informs the group a VVIP person is coming for a meeting with Dark. Scott Yang then walks through the door of Quest House, asking if they know about the idol incident.[13]

Sleepwalking Arc

Lucid Adventure Arc

Finding Lucky Coin Pieces Arc

Summit Arc

The Great War Prelude Arc

Chota approached Heart Heater after reaching Level 40 as Heart Heater had requested. Heart Heater told Rim to take Chota to Yopi Land in order to get his personal attribute unlocked. Rim took Chota to Kusham Store to meet Hola. They are greeted by Kusham and Hola came out and said that Chota's personal attribute is unique and is a new kind that came after the Gods disappeared. She tells him that his personal attribute is a Sandbag Slime. Rim explains to Chota that a Sandbag Slime is a type of slime that that can save an enemy's skill after they hit you with it and that the slime can't hold out against strong attacks and die. He tells Chota that as a user with this skill can die and come back to life. Chota gets a bit excited and Hola tells him that if if he was lucky a strong opponent might hit him and he could save some of their skills. Chota remembers that the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior PKd him when he was a noob. Rim theorises that once his personal attribute is unlocked, he might be able to use Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skill.[14]

One week later[14], Chota accompanies Dark, Lu Bu, Werewolf to the Tetivera Mine

Major Battles

*Chota's Account was controlled by Zero.

Other Appearances

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Translation Issues

'초코맛 감자탕' literally translates to 'Choco Flavoured Potato Soup'. Line Webtoon translates it as 'Choco Pork Stew'. Game of Scanlation translated it as 'Chocolate Potato Soup', which is much closer to the actual name.

'초코' means 'choco', short for '초콜릿' (chocolate). '맛' means 'flavour'/'taste'. '감자' means 'potato'/'potatoes'. '탕' means 'soup'. The name can be translated as either 'Choco Flavoured Potato Soup' or 'Choco Tasting Potato Soup'.

Notes & Trivia

  • Choco Flavoured Potato Soup was the first character to be killed in the series.
  • Chota's avatar was the first disguise shown being used by Zero in the series.
  • There is some confusion amongst fans as to the character's name. The character's Real world name is Min, his game name is Choco Flavoured Potato Soup and his nickname is Chota. Chota is the shortened form of Choco Flavoured Potato Soup.
  • In Season 1, it was not made clear if Choco Flavoured Potato Soup was actually a player previously, and NPC or Zero from the start. It was finally confirmed in Season 2 that he was indeed a player.[1]
  • Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's design may have been inspired by Shin chan, the protagonist of Crayon Shin-chan. Choco Flavoured Potato Soup's name might be a homage to Shin chan's love for chocolate.
  • Min said he tried to log in again to Lucid Adventure and couldn't because he thought his account had been hacked. This has something to do with Zero using his character's avatar to sneak attack Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Chota go the title of The One Who Defeated the Rank No.1 because of Zero's actions.
  • Chota is a huge fan of Jaguar Toe. He refers to them as 'JT'. He begged Dark to accompany on his business trip to see Chang.[15]
  • Chota is the second player shown to have "defeated" Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a one vs one battle. The first being The Best Swordsman.
    • The author revealed on the official Hardcore Leveling Warrior instagram page that Chota's birthday is November 11th.[4]