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Choco Bibi is a very mellow person who doesn't get annoyed very easily. Even when people are rude to him, he will brush it off and not take anything to heart.[2]

He describes himself as "not the leader type" but is in fact pretty competent at leading a group. He can take up the position when the situation calls for it as he did during the Subjugation Round. [3]

Choco Bibi's signature pose appears to be squatting as he is seen doing this at various points throughout the series while others choose to stand instead. [4]

He also likes lollipops and is seen with one in his mouth at various point throughout the series. He has spare lollipops and Master Swordsman can be seen taking one of them for fun, which Choco Bibi responds to by complaining. Additionally, he seems to have a sweet tooth. During the Combat Tournament, Grass Roots Guild is seen sitting in the stadium to spectate Team Dark's matches. Choco Bibi brings coke with him, which Cocomori steals. [2][5]

He cares deeply about his guild members and is willing to sacrifice himself for them and take attacks for them. There are many instances in which he does so:

  • At the beginning of the Battle against Rigos, he chooses to teleport Tempest out of harm's way with the little bit of mana he had recovered.
  • Before the 4v4 battle, while registering Cocomori under Team Choco Bibi, they meet Sua Han who tries to strike Cocomori across the face. Choco Bibi takes the hit for her instead.
  • In the battle against their Nightmarized selves, Choco Bibi chooses to continue providing his teammates with mana and supports them instead of focusing on his own Nightmare, which inevitably ended up in his defeat. Other than that, his glasses also were knocked off in the midst of battle and he had to fight with a sword which put him in a huge disadvantage. Nevertheless, he continued to help his teammates and eventually exhausted himself.

Because of the supportive nature of his personal attribute, he is a team player and usually stays at the back, providing back up teleportation and observing the field. The members of the Grass Roots Guild are connected to Choco Bibi's mana source, which provides them with the ability to teleport. Tempest also uses this ability to access a subspace to shoot from, so that enemies cannot find him easily. In Season 2 Chapter 29, Tempest notes that the coordinates of the subspace cannot be found by anyone except Choco Bibi. However, providing the other members with mana also weakens Choco Bibi as the battle goes on. If Choco Bibi sustains damage, the abilities also start to falter. This is demonstrated in the battle against the Grass Roots Guild's Nightmarized versions of themselves. [6]

Choco Bibi is extremely headstrong and stubborn. He exhibits this in a few different instances:

  • In the battle against Team Light, he had his heart pierced by Light's magic, which disabled his teleportation. Instead of giving up, he phased his heart out of his body and, with a gaping hole in his torso, struck Light across the face, drawing blood before dying.
  • In the battle against their Nightmarized selves, Choco Bibi had his body pierced with many pieces of Nightmare Mana through his pressure points. Nightmare notes that it must have hurt a lot, but Choco Bibi did not scream at all. Choco Bibi apologises and reassures Master Swordsman that he is alright despite his condition.

He is against using money to solve problems and doesn't like it when others do. He is extremely hostile to Giga, similar to Hardcore Leveling Warrior, but demonstrates it in a less aggressive manner. [7]


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