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Season 1

The Combat Tournament - Preliminary Round

Before the start of The Combat Tournament, Team Choco Bibi formed an alliance with Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior in order to increase their chances of getting through the Prelminary Round and Subjugation Round.[2]

At the start of the Preliminary Round when, Choco Bibi was seen on a rooftop with Drip Soup telling him Tempest would be joining them soon.[3] His Teams got rid of the weaker Giga Teams before they made it to the destination point of the Preliminary Round. He ended up saving Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior from Light's Dark Light skill.[2]

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During the timeskip, he recovered from the damage he sustained when he used Mass Teleport at the end of Season 1. Although his mana veins remained damaged and his sight became blurry, he can see now using a special pair of glasses created from Renjia, a field boss from the Mountain of Glass. These glasses were created by Nutella with help from Tempest and Drip Soup.

Season 2

When he heard Hardcore Leveling Warrior was still alive, he teleported alongside Master Swordsman, Tempest, and Drip Soup to Dark Land to aid in the search.

He and the other Grass Roots traveled to the Crosswalk of Moon dungeon to retrieve the Divine Power that contains Hardcore Leveling Warrior's karma. After completing the dungeon and obtaining the Divine Power, they were attacked by the Nightmare Guild and fought their Nightmare counterparts.

During the battle with their nightmare counterparts, Choco Bibi was shown to have obtained Divine Rocks in case his counterpart ever showed back up as well as learn some sword skills from watching Master Swordsman and Drip Soup during the timeskip. Despite his initial advantage over his Nightmare, he ultimately lost due to focusing too much on providing support to his teammates and was held hostage.


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