Eun-woo Ko, also known as Choco Bibi in Lucid Adventure, is a member of Master Swordsman's Guild and a former member of the Zara Guild.

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Choco Bibi is a very mellow person and doesn't get annoyed very easily. Even when people are rude to him he brushed it off and doesn't take anything to heart.[1]

He is not the leader type but can take up the position when the situation calls for it as he did during the Subjugation Round.[2]

Choco Bibi's signature pose appears to be squatting as he is seen doing this at various points throughout the series while others choose to stand instead.[3]

He also likes lollipops and is seen with one in his mouth at various point throughout the series.[1][4]

He cares deeply about his guild members and is willing to sacrifice himself for them and take attacks for them.[5]

He is against using money to solve problems and doesn't like it when others do.[6]

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"I Heard Choco Bibi is really strong..." Umai[[Episode 29|[source]]]

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Although we haven't seen Choco Bibi in direct combat, we do know that he uses a lot of magic skills and likes to use Space Magic.[4]

Around two years ago, during the Zara Guild's infiltration of Castle Dandan and Cobalt Castle, he acted as a supporter, teleporting his party members away from danger and into advantageous positions. Back then, He was deemed not strong enough by Master Swordsman to engage Giga's Security Team directly and was told to wait behind and recharge his mana.[7]

Two years later at the start of the series, Choco Bibi is rumoured to be a strong player.[3] In the Siege Round, his Intelligence Stat is second only to the Light, a Master Magician. This indicates that he has access to a lot of magic skills as well as having large mana reserve.[8]

During the Subjugation Round, he once again acted as a supporter and helped support his party members by teleporting them away from danger[2][9] and also summoned powerful weapons for them.[10]

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Choco Bibi is a Magician. His Job Advancement Test has not been revealed as of yet. His high Intelligence grants him access to many skills and a large mana reserve.[8]

This is backed up by him using mana taxing skills such as Mass Teleport consecutively to save his entire party from dangerous attacks and summoning large weapons from God's Armory without any time to recharge his mana as well as separating his party members by teleporting them to different locations. He believed he had enough mana to teleport his party continuously for an hour or two once it was fully recharged.[9]

His magic prowess is further shown by his high level enchanting skills. He can enchant items with his Teleport skills which can be used by his party members[4] and to trap enemies.[11]

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Choco Bibi's Personal Attribute is the Teleport skill.[12] It is a Skill type Personal Attribute and it allows Choco Bibi to use Space Magic as well as enchant items with his Teleport skill. Around two years before the start of the series, he learned his Personal Attribute a day before Zara Guild infiltrated the Tete Guild's base, Castle Dandan.[13]

It is a very unusual skill for a human to have as Octonash called him a 'very special prey' during the Subjugation Round and tried getting rid of him first out of all his party members because she found the skill 'annoying'[2]. Combat God himself called it an 'interesting' Personal Attribute.[11]

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  • Four Buffs - Mana Super Amplification
  • Observation Skills - Choco Bibi's is implied to have great observation skills as he managed to see Zero pulling away from HCLW after they clashed, something that HCLW did not even notice himself.

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  • Red Magician Hat:

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  • Space Magic Sword:

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Before the start of The Combat Tournament, Team Choco Bibi formed an alliance with Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior in order to increase their chances of getting through the Prelminary Round and Subjugation Round.[1]

At the start of the Preliminary Round when, Choco Bibi was seen on a rooftop with Drip Soup telling him Tempest would be joining them soon.[3] His Teams got rid of the weaker Giga Teams before they made it to the destination point of the Preliminary Round. He ended up saving Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior from Light's Dark Light skill.[1]

He discussed the

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  • Sehun Kim revealed the following information about Choco Bibi in a twitter post[15]:
    • His real name was is '고은우' (translation: Ko Eun-woo).
    • 미대 졸전준비중 (translation: He's preparing to go to to a college of fine arts)
    • 파인아트 계열 - 현재는 조각에 관심 (translation: Fine art series - now interested in sculpture)
    • ㅇㅇ대 4학년 (translation: 4th grade junior in college)
  • Sehun Kim revealed that the university students of Grass Roots Guild all go to the same Seoul-based mid-level universities.[16][17]

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