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Chef Knife is the former Ego Sword of Lila. After Lila gave it away, it's current owner is Sora.


The Chef Knife is an Ego Sword that looks like a knife. It's handle is wooden and its edge is light gray while the spine is black.


Chef Knife can turn attacks into food by using converting the aggregate energy of the attack into food.[1]

The stronger the attack is, the more taste and energy the food will have.[1]

There is a handicap to this skill but only Lila knows the secret.[1]. She can cook for herself, but if she does , she has to eat her food and make sure her food doesnt get cold or she will receive ten times the original damage


Subjugation Round

Lila used Chef Knife to turn Taoist Kim's Flame Tiger → Tiger Stew and Ice Pick →  Water Melon Punch.[1]

Sora then ate both the Tiger stew and Water Melon punch and got a food buff that caused her stats to increase significantly temporarily.[1]

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