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Chairman Kim's Workshop, officially known as The Underground Labour Camp, is a Lucid Adventure workshop located in Seoul, Gangnam district in South Korea.


The Underground Labour Camp is comprised of the thirteen floors beneath the Miso Tower. This is where President Kim's debtors are imprisoned and are forced to earn money to repay him back in Lucid Adventure.

The more money you earn and the better you do in Lucid Adventure, the higher you climb in the tower and you could eventually reach the top floor of the Tower. At the top of the tower you are given extraordinary luxuries such as multiple cars, the best food and the best technological gadgets.[1]

If you reach the bottom floor, you are given narcotics to induce more sleep so you can work harder to pay back your money and are fed a diet of tuna and crackers.

If a person is no longer useful and cannot pay back their debt they are sold off to fishing vessels or have their organs sold if they are male or they are sold into prostitution if they are a female.[2]

Known Members

Name Position Status
Chairman Kim Owner and

Head of workshop.

Gong Won-Ho Debtor and

Workshop Member

Taoist Kim Debtor and

Workshop Member


Presumed to be dead

Lila Debtor and

Workshop Member

Philip Debtor and

Workshop Member

Unnamed Top Ranker Debtor and Workshop Member Dead.

Killed by Chairman Kim



Season 1

Notes & Trivia


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