Yoon Gyu-Sik, known as Cave in Lucid Adventure, is the former second in command of The Beard Gang and current rank No.10 in the Lucid Ball Ranking System. He betrayed the Beard Gang and made a good haul before he left, saying that stealing wasn't fun anymore after the rules of the world had changed.[1]

After being accused of flirting with his girlfriend, Cave had a PK with the 102 Ranked Dumpling Prince. After defeating the 102 Ranker, Cave's Lucid Ball Rank went from 2033 to 459.[1] By the start of The Great War, Cave's rank had risen to Rank No.10.


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Dumpling Prince

Skills & Abilities


Combat Style

From what has been seen so far, Cave is a melee fighter that uses defensive spells to protect himself.

His speciality is the 'Chaos Combo', combination of his Ego Sword and his personal attributes. Not much is known about this combo.[1]

Personal Attribute

  • Hustler: No details have been revealed about this personal attribute.

Skill Tree

  • Multiple Barriers: Repeats barrier spells simultaneously and creates layers of barriers that are strong enough to absorb impact.



  • Skull Wand: Cave was seen utilising a skull wand in his PK with Dumpling Prince. It turned out that the wand was actually a fake.[1]
  • Cave's Ego Sword: An ego sword in the form of a utility knife. It has red eye where the bolster should be. The properties of the ego sword have not been revealed.[1]




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