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Catan[1] is a member of the Giga Empire. She was present at Lion Heart Castle when it was invaded by the Anti-Giga Coalition.[1] Alongside Sword Gate Guardian and the Big Gate Guardian, she was tasked with preventing Yopi from entering Lion Heart Castle's front entrance.[1] She was decapitated by Yopi.[1]






The full extent of her abilities have not been seen, but the fact that she was one of the 3 people tasked with stopping Yopi from entering Lion Heart Castle indicates that she has some degree of strength.[1]

Spearman ship: Catan used a spear and appeared to be proficient with it.[1] Her slash was able to inflict shallow wounds on the Dark Warrior's Helmet buffed Yopi.[1]

Combat Style

Catan fought with a spear when she was fighting Yopi.



  • Spear: Catan was seen wielding a spear during her battle with Yopi.[1]


Season 2

Unnamed Arc

Catan, Sword Gate Guardian and Big Gate Guardian waited for Yopi to arrive at the small Lion Gate. She attacked Yopi but he easily dodged it. She is warned by the Sword Gate Guardian that Yopi is using the Dark Warrior's Helmet.[1] Both her and Sword Gate Guardian launch a simultaneous attack on Yopi but only leave shallow injuries on him before they are both decapitated by Yopi's God of Death's Waltz.[1]

Major Battles

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