A Bug Player (버그 플레이이, Beogeu Peulleii) in MMORPG are players that gain an overwhelming advantage over other players either by exploiting a flaw in the existing system or by subverting it through hacking.


A Player would be considered 'Broken' if an unintended programming flaw in a game's development resulted in the players character being unbalanced, making their attacks almost uncounterable and overpowered. This is the reason that Game Developers carry out extensive testing that included beta testing in order to minimise the risk of a broken character appearing.


A Player can gain an unfair advantage by hacking the game system, creating a bug that gives their character an unfair advantage either through increasing their stats, changing status effects or increasing the power of their items.

If a player is discovered to be hacking the game, they are banned from the game and specific installation or serial keys, or user accounts, meaning that the player is effectively prevented from playing the game online.

Lucid Adventure

In Lucid Adventure, the official definition of a 'bug player' according to Giga is a player that uses Nightmare or a Hidden Gate to boost their stats and gain an advantage.[1]

Lucid Adventure Terms of Service - Part 3-1 of Art.4 states that Nightmare is strictly prohibited for normal users because it causes disorder. The Violator of this rule is punishable by summary execution.[2] Any user that is caught using a bug is apprehended by the Security Team and their character is deleted from Lucid Adventure.

Bug players can be 'created' as Nathan Han framed the Zara Guild causing them to be infected with a Nightmare bug, then proceeded to arrest them.[3] A bug player is also a player that can use bug items, such as the fake HCLW that deleted players with The Sword of Doom's Day.

A player can be accused as being a bug player if the skills they use are deemed fraudulent and overwhelming by other players. Hardcore Leveling Warrior is frequently accused of being a bug player because people thought his Magic-Neutralizing Armor was a bug. He was accused by Keyenes of using a bug because of his Borrow skill which lets him borro his allies stats. He was also accused of being a bug player by Gumong because he won 30 games of Rock-Paper-Scissors in a row.

Official Bug Players

Name Bug Used Status
Radish Kimchi Nightmare Arrested and deleted from Lucid Adventure
Hardcore Leveling Warrior Hidden Gate


Evaded multiple arrests and is Active
Armes Nightmare (Infected) Arrested and deleted from Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • Members of Zara Guild were branded as Bug Players after being infected by the Nightmare bug but due to the deal that Armes made with Nathan Han, they were not prosecuted and most of them eventually ended up joining Giga.


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