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Borrow is a Gambler skill used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior


Hardcore Leveling Warrior borrows stats from an ally by verbally agreeing a contract with them which temporarily drains them of that stats and gives it to Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1]

He is also able to Borrow skills of allies although It isn't clear if this requires permission or not, as he was able to use Dark and Taek's skills without having asked them first.[2][3]

After fighting, Hardcore Leveling Warrior then pays back the borrowed stats and skills with interest, deducting it from the rewards of a PvP.[2]


Instance Description
Episode 16 During his formal combat with Keynes, Hardcore Leveling Warrior asked Sora if he could borrow her strength. she agreed and a contract was formed. He gained her strength and was able to use a move she had used in one of the lower floors.[1]
Episode 17 Keynes tried critically striking Hardcore Leveling Warrior with the Paralysis Sword but it was blocked by a skeleton summoned by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He had borrowed Dark's Summon Skeleton skill.[2]
Episode 48 During his duel fight with the Fake Umai, Hardcore Leveling Warrior borrowed Taek's skill and stats which increased his resistance and enabled him to move after being struck by The Sword of Doom's Day. Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to counter attack with Taek's J.R.I.R. Crush.[4] Due to Taek's resistance, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to run during his duel with Zero.[3]
Season 2 Episode 43 After successfully flipping a Lucky Coin, Chota used Borrow to temporarily acquire Dark's Soul Man Wonderland skill.[5]


Notes & Trivia

  • The only times HCLW has borrowed stats & skills is when he was in a PvP. This might be a condition for using the skill.
  • It is skill associated with HCLW's class.