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Blue Steel Sword is the sword used by Zhao Yun.



Season 2

Advent of the Demon King Arc

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: Line Webtoon Translation Changes

청강검 is incorrectly translated as Luminous Sword by LINE Webtoon

청강검 is the Korean form of the hanja 青釭剑 which means Blue Steel Sword. It is pronounced "Qinggang Jian" in Chinese.

Notes & Trivia

  • Blue Steel Sword is the sword that appeared in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel
  • The sword was actually not seen in Season 2 Episode 74, it was only mentioned by Zhao Yun after she cut Ge Des's palm.


In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, the Qing Gang Jian was a blade that originally belonged to Cao Cao. It was a shimmering with a blusih tint. Xiahou En famously said to Cao Cao the blade "runs through metal as if it were mud". During the battle of Changban, Xiahou En, one of Cao Cao's famous generals carried this blxade into battle. Zhao Yun fought his way through enemy lines and eventually killed Ziahou En and took the blade. It belonged to Zhao Yun ever since.