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Blessing of the God of Blessings is a buff granted by the 'god of buffs' himself, God of Blessings.


It is a powerful buff to those who worship The God of Blessings. It brings out the full potential of a character with the best buff.[1]

The 'Blessed'

Player Known Buffs
Light It seems that Light's 'luck' stat was buffed up to the point that he could successfully flick 10 Lucky Coins. This enabled him to transform into the transcendent being, Majin Light.[1]
Secretary Kim
Secretary Park
Hungry Ghost With the Blessing of the God of Blessings, Hungry Ghost became as lucky as The Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1] He is able to successfully flip the Lucky Coin with an almost 100% success rate.

During the PvP Final, it was shown that his 'luck' stat was 999 due to the buff, but even this was not enough to win his own gambling game against a HCLW that had temporarily regained his Rank #1 powers.[2]

Nathan Han According to Dacon, Nathan Han had 'the mark' from the God of Blessings. The exact buff Nathan Han received is unknown, but even Dacon felt that it would be too risky to deal with him herself.[3]

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