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Blazing Tiger is a flame spell used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Hardcore Leveing Warrior summons a giant tiger-shaped flame that attacks the target.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 166 Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Blazing Tiger on Majin Form Light. Light neutralised the skill with Dispel.[1]

Translation Issues

'염호' is translated as 'Blazing Tiger' by Line Webtoon. Strictly speaking, this is correct. '염' is Korean for the hanja ' ' which can mean 'flame';'blazing';glowing. '호' is the hanja of '虎' which means 'tiger'. So the skill can be translated as 'Blazing Tiger' or 'Flame Tiger'.

There is a skill that already uses 'Flame Tiger' in this wiki. For now, Blazing Tiger will be kept.

Notes & Trivia

  • Flame Tiger is the name of one of Taoist Kim's Taoist Magic spells. It is possible this is a stronger version of that skill, but this is not confirmed. This page will be updated once it is confirmed by the author.