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Bier Litter is the Gangrim's ultimate conceptual magic.


It is a skill that can be used when Gangrim's target's HP is in single digits. Gangrim summons a giant coffin carried by 13 ghouls. The coffin opens up and releases multiple blue ethereal energy that pierces the target.[1] Both the coffin and Gangrim pull the target into it the coffin with blue ethereal energy and the coffin is closed, sealing the target and the coffin descends into a chasm of death where the target dies an eternal death.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 73 Ge Des activates Bier Litter after Ge Des's HP is in single digits. Ge Des is sealed in the coffin and sent into the an abyss. Ge Des activated his Royal Horns broke broke out of the easily coffin.[1]


Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

상여가마 is translated as Death Carriage by LINE Webtoon.

상여 is the Korean form of the hanja 喪輿, which means "bier or funeral bier". 가마 means "palanquin or litter" and is pronounced "gama" in Korean.

The literal translation of 상여가마 is Bier Palanquin or Bier Litter. It can also be called Bier Gama.

Notes & Trivia

  • A bier is a stand on which a corpse, coffin, or casket containing a corpse is placed to lie in state or to be carried to the burial ground/grave.
  • In Korea, royalty and aristocrats were carried in wooden litters called "gama"(가마) . Gamas were primarily used by royalty and government officials. There were six types of gama, each assigned to different government official rankings. In traditional weddings, the bride and groom are carried to the ceremony in separate gamas. Because of the difficulties posed by the mountainous terrain of the Korean peninsula and the lack of paved roads, gamas were preferred over wheeled vehicles.

Setting Errors

  • Gangrim can only use his Bier Litter skill when the target's HP is in a single figure, yet Ge Des's HP was at 9% of his total health not actual 9HP. This is a setting error. If the 9% represented an absolute figure, then the Demon King's hp would be 100...