Bekanea is a demon and the 'Right Hand' of Le. Lazie.


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Not much is known about her personality but she has the utmost respect for her master Le. Lazie and possibly looks down on humans.[1]


Le. Lazie

Lazie is Bekanea's master. Very little about their relationship has been received but she respects his commands even when she does not agree with them.[1]

Skills & Abilities

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Bakenea appears from a portal, urging her master, Le. Lazie, to not bother with the lowly human and return to the demon world and make himself known to the elders. Lazie tells her that he will return the next day and tells her to go first. Bekanea complies and returns.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Bekanea is the second female demon seen introduced in the series. The first being Cosina.
  • Bekanea called Dark 'a lowly human'. Dark's race is an elf in Lucid Adventure. This might be an error by the author or she is aware that he is a human from 'The Other World'.


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