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Bash[1] is a swordsman class skill in Lucid Adventure.[2]


The user delivers a strong sword slash to the target.[2][3][4][5]


Instance Description
Episode 82 During the Siege Round, Sora used Bash on Assistant Manager Park 38, but it was blocked by Assistant Manager Park 38's Electric Sword.[2]
Episode 89 Hardcore Leveling Warrior attempted to use Bash on Dongchun, but Dongchun was saved by Scallion Head. The skill created a mini crater on impact with the ground.[3]
Season 2 Episode 42 During Dark's Test, Chota used Bash to kill a goblin.[4]
Season 2 Episode 106 Drip Soup used Bash to attack The Best Swordsman, but it was easily blocked by The Best Swordsman .[5]


Translation Notes

International Translations

Name Platform Language


LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Bash LINE Webtoon (English) English
Coup LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • The skill was first mentioned on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class skill tree in Episode 13.
  • Based on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's comment in Episode 89, the skill is also based on the strength stat.