Bash is a Swordsman Class skill used by Sora and Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Double Bash is a stronger version of this skill.


The user attacks the target with a single physical attack. It seems to be a basic skill of the Swordsman Class.

It can be an upward slash as shown by Sora[1], or a downward slash as shown by Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[2]

It is implied by Hardcore Leveling Warrior that this attack is based on the strength stat of the user as he was able to make a big dent in the ground when the skill missed. He had a strength stat of 900+.[2]


Siege Round

Sora used this skill on Managerpark38 but it was blocked by his Electric Sword.[1]

Pooh Upooh Recovery

Hardcore Leveling Warrior attempted to use this on Dongchun but he was saved by Scallion Head.[2] The skill left a big dent in the ground.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The skill was first mentioned on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Gambler skill tree in Episode 13.


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