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Bamboo Spear Man is a player in Lucid Adventure. He was the first Red Player that Team Dark encountered in the beginning. Since his therapy in jail, Bamboo Spear Man's violent tendencies mellowed out and his mental state is quite stable now. He then joined Oz and Alpaca Man's party and joined the Combat Tournament. They were eliminated by Team Light in the Siege Round.

Bamboo Spear Man's status is unknown after the two year time skip.


Bamboo Spear Man is a pale man with short white hair and shark-like teeth. Originally he had long white hair but has been cut since his therapy in prison. He wears full plated armour which was colored black due to the amount of blood that was shed in his days as a Red Player.



Video Games


Bamboo Spear Man is shown to have a rough and violent personality especially towards Hardcore Leveling Warrior. Despite his violent nature it seems he cares for his fellow teammates Oz, and Alpaca Man. This is seen when he shows concern for Alpaca Man's disappearance and reassures Oz that despite Alpaca Man's disappearance, he won't leave her. He was also willing to stand up for Oz when she was being taken to jail by God's Servants.


Team Bamboo Spear Man


Bamboo Spear Man didn't think much of Oz at first and only thought of her as a means to get back at Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He also disliked Oz' frequent use of Boom Boom Ball and threatened her to use more powerful fire magic. In due time however, Bamboo Spear Man started to care for Oz and shows concern for her when she worried about Alpaca Man's disappearance and reassured her that he won't leave her at all. He stood up for Oz when she was being taken to jail by God's servants. It seems due to Bamboo Spear Man's attitude, Goldy was silent ever since.

Alpaca Man

Bamboo Spear Man didn't think much of Alpaca Man and simply threatened him and Oz to not get in his way of killing Hardcore Leveling Warrior. There has been no interactions shown between them but Bamboo Spear Man was concerned about his disappearance

Dark's Party

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Bamboo Spear Man hated Hardcore Leveling Warrior ever since he was put in jail by him. He harbored his hatred for him all throughout his journey until the PVP Round and Bamboo Spear Man chose Team Dark because of him to fight first.


Bamboo Spear Man also disliked Dark for using Decay on his face, making him undergo gruesome pain. Though not as much as Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Bamboo Spear Man killed Sora in Team Dark's final confrontation against him. He threw a spear made out of Dark's summoned bones and pierced her chest.


No Name

Bamboo Spear Man was surprised when No Name suddenly accompanied him and his team to the Hohoian Forest. After No Name saved them, Bamboo Spear Man repaid his debt to her by saving her from a Nightmare Dummy.

Skills & Abilities


Bamboo Spear Man was one of the most wanted Red Player in Lucid Adventure, making him extremely dangerous. He's a brutal and savage fighter that eats his opponents for fun after he killed them and even collects the heads of renown players and NPCs. Hardcore Leveling Warrior stated that Bamboo Spear Man was skilled in combat as well.

Berserker: Bamboo Spear Man's class that increases his overall power whenever his HP decreases. It is unlocked by killing multiple players and NPCS in unofficial matches, which is PK.

Combat Style

Bamboo Spear Man fights using his glowing green sword and is quite savage as well, using his teeth to kill his opponents. He also uses his sword in combination with his personal attribute, Stretch, to close the distance between him and his enemies.


Skills Tree

Berserker Skills

  • Berserk: enables the user to enter a state of frenzied rage and its combat style similar to that of a beast, increasing his overall power. Numerous small attacks scatter around whenever he attacks his opponents or when he roars.
  • Predation of the Strong: a passive skill that activates whenever the user eats the opponents. Assumed to have observed their stats as well.
  • Bamboo Spear Fusillade: Bamboo Spear Man throws a series of spears or object, all thrown at the same time or in quick succession.

Personal Attribute

  • Stretch: a skill-type personal attribute that can extend and shrink any sword, including the user's own sword at will. At Level One, it can only stretch up to 55 yards and the range increases with each level.


  • Sword:



Season 1

Notes & Trivia

  • Bamboo Spear Man was first seen in a Flash Forward in Episode 13 but he made his actual first appearance in Episode 17.