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Hardcore Leveling Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON is a mobile RPG game based on the series of the same name. On the 5th of December 2019, a new and improved version of the game was re-released in South Korea as Awakening: Hardcore Leveling Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON (각성: 열렙전사 with NAVER WEBTOON, gagseong: yeollebjeonsa with NAVER WEBTOON).

On the 10th of February 2020, an English version of the game based on the rebooted version was released on as Lucid Adventure with WEBTOON.


Characters and Classes

Class Characters
English Korean
Expert 달인
Space Wizard 공간 마법사
Hunter 사냥꾼
Warrior 전사
Werewolf 웨어울간
Knight 기사
Fighter 격투가
Black Wizard 흑마법사
Little Hunter

작은 사냥꾼
  • Hohoian C
Lancer 창기사
Militia 민병대
  • Cobalt Soldier C (코발트 병사 C)
Nightmare Crew 악몽 대원
  • Nightmare Believer C (악몽 신도 C)
Pioneer 개척자
Spirit 스피릿
Priest 사제
Recruiter 모집자
Swordsman 검사
Taster 식객
Thief 도적
Wizard 마법사



Notes & Trivia

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