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Money is good and all. But let's see the end of this world together
 ― Armes[source]

Armes[1] was a player in Lucid Adventure. She was the Guild Master of the Zara Guild and one of the 10 closed beta testers of Lucid Adventure.[1][4][5]

Due to either having a terminal illness,[5] Armes was chosen as one of the ten beta testers for the closed beta of Lucid Adventure,[4] which she joined in the second round.[5] Sometime after Lucid Adventure was made available to the public, she formed the Zara Guild and aimed to clear Lucid Adventure by completing the The Absolute Quest with her Guild.[1][6]

Unfortunately, she never achieved her goal as both her and Zara Guild were framed for using Nightmare by Giga.[4] She was captured and the guild was disbanded soon after.[7]

Sometime after her character was apprehended by Han Gun-Ho in Lucid Adventure, Armes succumbed to her illness In the real world and died.[7] The Best Swordsman was one of the people that attended her funeral.[8]


Armes was a beautiful young woman with neck length blonde hair. She had light red irises, black pupils and thin dark eyebrows.

She wore a white cleavage t-shirt with yellow outlines and a turtle insignia that formed in the middle, light blue shoulder armor on both her arms, dark-colored short shorts, and dark-grey scaled leg armor. She also had a turtle insignia at the back of her tishirt.



Lucid Adventure

Video Games


Armes was a courageous and adventurous person. She was never afraid of a risk and always sought out challenges. She possessed great leadership which led every Zara members to trust her even Hardcore Leveling Warrior. She was a very friendly person as she got along extremely well with everyone in her guild. She never doubted her members as she believed Constant when he said that it wasn't his intention to sabotage their plan and that he never wanted to do so at all.[4]

Armes didn't care what the person's real life situation was which led to Hardcore Leveling Warrior developing feelings for her.[1][5] She greatly cared about her members, sacrificing her dream and herself to Giga so that her guild members wouldn't be terminated from Lucid Adventure.[4][7]


Zara Guild

Armes loved her guild members and they all loved her in return. They were all willing to follow her to the end of the earth. When she asked her guild members to raise their hands and scream if they want to continue on their journey with her for a lifetime, all the guild meners raise dtheir hands and screamed.[6] She felt lonely when they logged off and left her by herself.[5] Her love for her guild members could be seen when she surrendered to Giga in order to save her captured guild members from being deleted.[4]

The Best Swordsman

Armes and The Best Swordsman were very close friends, evidenced by the fact that Armes calling him oppa and "The Best-oppa".[5] He was her Vice Guild Master and had her absolute trust. She entrusted her guild to him if she ever stops logging in one day because he was the strongest member she had. He is the only person that Armes told about her past as a Lucid Adventure closed beta tester and about her terminal illness.[5] The Best Swordsman was always worried about her and even wanted her to take Giga's offer so she could get money to aid her treatment, but Armes declined, implying that it was already to late.[6] He was also aware that Armes only used her personal attribute when she was in a dangerous situation.[4]

When they first met, The Best Swordsman had tried to ask her out on a date to which Armes declined and said she would only accept if The Best Swordsman could beat her in a duel, which he eventually lost when they did have one.[5] The Best Swordsman's defeat left him shocked at Armes power.[5]

The Best Swordsman knew that Armes harboured feelings for Hardcore Leveling Warrior as well, saying that it was frustrating to see the two of them beating around the bush and encourage her to pursue romance with Hardcore Leveling Warrior. She said that she would think about it if Hardcore Leveling Warrior asked her out.[5]

When Armes died in the real world, The Best Swordsman is the only known Zara Guild member that attended her funeral.[8] The Best Swordsman formed Grass Roots Guild with a couple of ex Zara Guild members, aiming to complete the Absolute Quest to honour Armes' legacy.[7]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Armes had a considerble impact on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's life.To Hardcore Leveling Warrior, she was a person that actually cared for him. She told Hardcore Leveling Warrior that he should open his mind and that she didn't care if he was unemployed in the real world. When she saved Hardcore Leveling Warrior from an attack that would have reset both his level and stats, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was moved to tears as no one had ever done anything like that for him. She found joy in working together with him, but also teasing and embarrassing him like when she told The Best Swordsman that Hardcore Leveling Warrior cried when she saved him, which led to The Best Swordsman teasing him.

She had complete faith in Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skills and strategic abilities, which led her to appointing him as Zara Guild's first battalion commander.[9] She entrusted him with the job of defeating a powerful level 90 cobalt golem during Zara Guild's infiltration for the Absolute Quest.[6]

They both had feelings for each other and she admitted to The Best Swordsman that she would consider going out with Hardcore Leveling Warrior if he asked her out, despite the fact that she was dying.[5]


Armes saw Constant a little brother and he called her noona, which emphasised how close they were to each other.[1][4] Armes was very protective of Constant and always praised him when he healed members of the guild. Even when Constant accidentally caused the Nightmare incident in Cobalt Castle, Armes still trusted him and believed that someone else was pulling the strings. Even as Constant begged her to not surrender to Giga, Armes smiled at him and told him it's her duty to protect the guild.[4]

Choco Bibi

Just like her relationship with the rest of her guild members, Armes got on with Choco Bibi. She did kick him that one time when he he stopped Tempest from being tricked into singing during Tempest's Zara Guild's initiation, which she felt ruined the mood.[5] Choco Bibi followed The Best Swordsman and joined the Grassroots Guild, where they are planning on completing the Absolute Quest to honour Armes' legacy.[7]


Armes personally introduced Tempest to the Guild and was impressed with his Holy Attribute Shooter class.[5] Armes and the rest of the guild wanted Tempest to sing as an initiation but Choco Bibi stopped him from doing so. Tempest ended up singing anyways.[5] She presumably got along with him like she did with all her guild members. Tempest followed The Best Swordsman and Choco Bibi and joined The Grassroots Guild, where they are planning on completing the Absolute Quest to honour Armes' legacy.[7]


Armes was competitive with Giga, saying that her guild will never lose to them.[9][4] She even declined their offer to become an affiliate of Giga.[9][6] She is one of the few people that figured out that Giga did not create the game and planned on spreading the news.[4]

Han Gun-Ho

Han Gun-Ho had been observing Armes and Zara Guild and felt they were a roadblock in Giga's plans to complete the Absolute Quest and Clear the game. Han Gun-Ho tried recruting Zara Guild a making them subcontractors of Giga Guild, but he was rejected by Armes.[9] Through Sad Smile, Constant was used as a pawn to frame Zara Guild for using the banned Nightmare bug.[10] Han Gun-Ho tried arresting Armes to get her page for the Absolute Quest but she overwhelmed both him and his Security Team members single-handedly. Eventually, Armes surrendered once she saw that her guild members were captured and were facing accounts termination.[4] She was taken to Empra by Han Gun-Ho and told that she must never reveal what she knew about Giga and never play the game again if she wants her guild members to be safe. He then collected her 'page' from her 'book' and Armes was never seen in Lucid Adventure again.[7]


Sad Smile

There was no interaction between them but Armes suspected he was the one that manipulated Constant into inadvertently spreading Nightmare within Cobalt Castle. she was aware Constant was going into Cobalt Castle but she did not think anything of it. She knew Sad Smile was to weak to take on Zara Guild by himself and deduced that Han Gun-Ho were the hidden hands behind him.[4]

No Name

To be added



As the guild master of Zara Guild, Armes had authority over one of the fastest rising guilds in Lucid Adventure. Under her leadership, Zara Guild was seen as a threat to Giga's ambitions to conquer the game through the Absolute Quest, which led to Giga framing the guild for using Nightmare and capturing Armes.[4][7]

As one of Lucid Adventure's ten beta testers,[4][5] Armes had early access to the game which gave her an information advantage over regular players.

Despite being the only one in Zara Guilds Castle during a large invasion of undead monsters, Armes, although injured, managed to survive until Hardcore Leveling Warrior arrived as back up.[1]

Despite hiding her power, Armes was one of the strongest players in the early days of Lucid Adventure. She was able to best the then ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman in a PvP,[5] which put her abilities at high ranker level. The Best Swordsman could not believe how strong she actually was and wondered why she hid her true power.[5]

She easily defeated multiple Cobalt Castle Magic Soldiers during Zara Guild's raid on Cobalt Castle.[6][10]

Armes' combat power was on full display was on display during her battle with Giga Guild's Security Team. She was able to defeat multiple Giga Guild Security Team members and even managed to cut off Han Gun-Ho's left arm. She was fully confident that she could defeat the Giga Guild's Security Team single-handedly and looked to have the upper hand until she was blackmailed into stopping her attacks by Han Gun-Ho.[4]

Physical Abilities

As a high ranker level player, Armes displayed some incredible physical abilities.

  • Speed: One of Armes' most extraordinary traits was her speed. She was quick enough to close the gap between herself and Hardcore Leveling Warrior and pushed Hardcore Leveling Warrior away from the trajectory of an undead monster's blow that was delivered at point blank range, which saved Hardcore Leveling Warrior from getting his stats and level reset.[1] During her duel with the ten ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman, she instantly appeared behind The Best Swordsman and moved so quickly that he could not see her.[5] She avoided the concentrated magic blasts from a cobalt golem.[6] She easily dodged the spears thrown at her by the Cobalt Castle magic soldiers.[10] Even when carrying Constant, Armes moved so fast that the Cobalt Castle Magic Soldiers thought she teleported; as she instantly disappeared from their sight and climbed the rooftop of a building with Constant.[10] It should be noted that she during the Cobalt Castle infiltration, she was buffed by Constant's Baby Angel's Blessing, but the exact stats that they buffed were never mentioned, hence why it is not referenced.
  • Durability: Armes was extremely durable. After Choco Bibi Mass Teleported the Zara Guild into Cobalt Castle, Armes dropped to the ground from high up in mid-air and took no damage.[6]
  • Endurance: Even after getting her body smashed by a blow from the giant undead monster, Armes smiled and did not writhe in pain.[1]


Where you...this strong?
 The Best Swordsman to Armes[source]

Of course! Did you underestimate the guild master of the best Zara Guild?
 ― Armes to The Best Swordsman[source]

Although her active swordsmanship skills were limited to mainly Pioneer Slash, Armes was an immensely skilled and powerful sword wielder and used her short sword with great proficiency. During a duel with the then ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman, she neutralised his Moonlight Slash with an unskilled slash and eventually bested him in a sword duel.[5]

During the invasion of Cobalt Castle, Armes easily slashed multiple Cobalt Castle magic soldiers.[6] She cut down multiple Cobalt Castle magic soldiers with a single Pioneer Slash.[10] She easily cut down the magician protecting the cobalt gemstone with an unskilled slash.[10]

Information Detection Ability

Armes had a unnamed detection skill that enabled her to detect the information/knowledge of the target she observed. She knew that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level and stats would get reset if he was killed which is why she pushed him a way from an undead monster's critical blow.[1] She knew Kkakdug's personal attribute was Stone Golem and also was aware that his race wasn't human, which left Kkakdugi surprised.[9] It is possible that she knew about Tempest's Holy Attribute when she recruited him in AE 2 due to this ability, but this was never confirmed.


Armes' displayed incredible strategic abilities as the Zara Guild guild master. She was very thorough in her planning of her guilds opponents and did not leave anything to chance. Her strategic ability was one of the main reasons that Zara Guild made quick progress through the Absolute Quest, conquering guilds such as Tete Guild.[9] Her guild would most likely have been the first guild to conquer the then NPC controlled Cobalt Castle, a castle that was known as an impregnable fortress and had not been conquered by users.[6]

In combat, she could correctly deduce the basic mechanics behind an opponent's skills and abilities due to her incredible information detection ability, which enabled her to plan around her opponent's strengths and weakness which she could then relay to her allies.

She was well aware of both her strength and her guild's strengths and never tried biting off more than she could chew. This could be seen when she decided against attacking Cobalt Castle as she felt her guild was not strong enough at that point.[5] In the past, both her and Hardcore Leveling Warrior used to analyze Combat Tournament matches in the past.[11] After No Name used the same Market strategy as Hardciore Leveling Warrior during the Siege Round, he started to wonder if No Name was really Armes.[11]

After fighting Giga Guild's Security Team, she was able to deduce that Giga Guild did not create the game.[4]


Armes' possessed great leadership and charisma that easily united Zara Guild's members with one another. It was due to her leadership that a small guild like Zara guild was able to rise to progress through the Absolute Quest at such a breath-taking pace, which made even the mighty Giga Guild wary.[9] So integral was her leadership to Zara Guild, that when she disappeared, Zara Guild fell apart and eventually dissolved.[7]

He charisma is the reason a lot of members carried on with Zara Guild and were not disgruntled when Armes turned down Giga's offer that promised huge financial support for it's underlings.[9][6]


Her class has not been revealed.

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Adventurer Columbus

A person type personal attribute...she really was one of the 10 beta testers...!
 Han Gun-Ho[source]

Armes personal attribute is a Person Type based on Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonist who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. When activated, Armes' body was surrounded by a sky blue aura.[4] She activated her personal attribute during her battle with Giga Guild's Security Team and while under the Nightmare status.[4] According to The Best Swordsman, Armes rarely used her personal attribute.[4]

Due to having her time cut short in Lucid Adventure, Armes never achieved the true awakening for her personal attribute, which was later achieved by No Name.[12]

Conceptual Magic: Armes could create spells based on the 'concept' of Christopher Columbus.

Ship Materialization: Using her conceptual magic, Armes could create a giant ship with the motif of Christopher Columbus's Santa Maria.[4] She also hopped on it in order to close the distance between herself and the security team.[4] The power of the ship was high enough that it broke halfway through a building in Cobalt Castle and lodged itself there.[4]

  • Energy Redirection: The ship was used to redirect the immobilization magic of Giga Guild Security Team's Ancient Relics.[4]
  • Enemy Debuffs: The ship is able to debuff all the opponent's buffs by 20% and gradually weakens them. They also experience exhaustion while onboard.[13]


Main Article: Nightmarization

Constant. What is this?
 ― Armes[source]

Nightmare is a bug that changes the user's skills, personality and everything else.[4] The user can get much stronger in a short period of time. It grants the user the ability to use Nightmare which significantly increases the players stats such as strength, speed, regeneration and defence as well as imbuing all their skills with the power of Nightmare, which nullifies all defensive attributes.[14]

Along with the rest of the Zara Guild members in Cobalt Castle, Armes was forcefully Nightmarized when the Nightmare bug with Constant resonated with the huge Cobalt gemstone and infected everyone within the vicinity with Nightmare.[10]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: All of Armes' stats were amplified by the power of Nightmare.

  • Enhanced Speed: Armes' tremendous speed was further amplified by the power of Nightmare. After using Santa Maria to redirect the immobilization magic of Giga, Armes quickly hopped on Santa Maria and closed down the gap to Giga Guild's Security Team instantly.[4] She easily dodged multiple Giga Guild Security Team Ancient Relic immobilization magic at point blank range.[4]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: With her strength boosted by Nightmare, Armes' attack power also received a massive power boost. She stabbed Han Gun-Ho through the abdomen and easily cut off his hand with a single slash.[4] She also cut down multiple Giga Guild Members with a single Pioneer Slash.[4]

Combat Style

Armes favoured melee combat using her short sword. She used her exceptional speed and agility to close the gap between herself and the target as well as to evade attacks. She used Pioneer Slash as her main offensive attack. As noted by The Best Swordsman, she rarely uses her Personal Attribute, unless she was in trouble.

Skill Tree

Explorer Skills

  • Pioneer Slash: Armes performs a powerful slash that can cut down multiple targets.
  • Pioneer Smash: Armes' ultimate skill that was hinted to be extremely powerful. It was never seen.
  • Captain's Flag: Armes puts down a flag that buffs her entire party and is shown to give the effect of 'Courage'
    • Courage: buffs Armes and her allies with damage reduction, critical rate increase, and link skills between party members become more effective.

Nightmare Skills

  • Nightmarization: grants the player the ability to use Nightmare which significantly increases the players overall stats and imbuing all their skills with the power of Nightmare, which nullifies all defensive attributes. Along with the rest of the Zara Guild members in Cobalt Castle, Armes was forcefully Nightmarized when the Nightmare bug with Constant resonated with the huge Cobalt gemstone and infected everyone within the vicinity with Nightmare.

Traveler Columbus Skills

  • Departure! Santa Maria: summons a warship, a fortress and a line of defense all rolled into one. It is summoned by conceptual magic and is unblockable. Armes rams the entire ship unto her targets, causing massive AOE damage.



  • Short Sword: a sword with a small blade. This was the only weapon Armes was seen using in the series.

Absolute Quest Items

  • Book: As the guild leader, Armes' had Zara Guild's book.[9] She managed to collect several pages for her book that included Tete Guild's page. She gave her page to Han Gun-Ho as part of a negotiation to let her guild members go free.[7]


The Beta Tester

Due to having a terminal illness, Armes was chosen by Giga as one of the ten beta testers for Lucid Adventure. She joined in the second round of beta testing.[4][5]

Forming Zara Guild

At some point after Lucid Adventure opened up, Armes formed Zara Guild and acted as its guild master.[1]

Recruiting Tempest

"Don't ruin the mood!"

Armes found Tempest near a dungeon and recruited him into the Zara Guild. She introduced him to the members of the guild. The guild members falsely tell Tempest that it is the guild's tradition for newcomers to sing. They encourage the panicked Tempest to sing but Choco Bibi interjects and tells them to stop being so mean and that it is not part of the guild's tradition. Armes kicks Choco Bibi and tells him not to ruin the mood. Morning time in the real world comes and the Zara Guild members say bye to Armes and log off, leaving her alone.[5]

Armes defeats The Best Swordsman

Alone, the lonely Armes sits down and opens her 'book' in order plan the guild's next action. She shuts down attacking Cobalt as it would be to tough for the guild and then thinks of attacking Tete Guild. The Best Swordsman appears out of nowhere and agrees with her which scares the wits out of her as she thought she was alone. The Best Swordsman tells her that watching Armes and Hardcore Leveling Warrior beating around the bush is frustrating and that they're both not good at saying how they feel. Armes interjects The Best Swordsman sentence and clashes swords with him, telling him that the bet that she will go out with him if he can beat her still stands. Armes quickly gets behind The Best Swordsman who uses Moonlight Slash on her but she neutralises it with a slash of her own. She then disappears from The Best Swordsman line of sight an ended up behind him with her short sword held to his neck, signifying her victory.[5]

"Maybe, just maybe...if I don't log in anymore...oppa, please take care of the guild members for me"

The Best Swordsman is shocked at her strength and asks her why she hid her strength. Armes then reveals that she was one of the closed beta testers and that were chosen because of a terminal illness or being on their deathbeds. She pleads holds The Best Swordsman's hand and pleads with him to look after the guild when she's gone as he's the strongest. The flustered The Best Swordsman tells Armes that people live till they are 100 years in this day and age and she must log in every single which makes her smile. She then said that she will think about going out with Harcore Leveling Warrior if he asks her out. her response causes The Best Swordsman to say he's jealous and he jokes that he'll beat Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he logs in the next day.[5]

Celebrating Constant's Job Advancement

This is delicious!

After Zara Guild successfully defeated another guild, she acted as the referee of the 113th duel between The then ranked no.3 The Best Swordsman and the then ranked no.88 Hardcore Leveling Warrior. She joins Constant, The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Choco Bibi in raiding a dungeon in order to celebrate Constant's job advancement. The team discover two dragon eggs and as Hardcore Leveling Warrior warns that they shouldn't touch it, Armes quickly starts eating one of the dragons eggs and tells her shocked teammates to join her. The distraught mother dragon came out and caused the guild some trouble. Armes tied up the dragons legs and it was eventually defeated by the guild.

Why did you spoil the mood by leaving!!

Armes sat and ate while Constant, The Best Swordsman and Constant spoke about the real world. Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who was reluctant to talk about his real life situation, got up to leave and said that he needed to raid a dungeon for some more Experience points. Armes playfully put Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a headlock and scolds him for leaving and spoiling the mood. She tells him to open his mind and that she does not care if he is unemployed.[1]

Zara Guild Base Invasion

Armes pushing Hardcore Leveling Warrior out of the way of an undead monster's blow (Episode 52).jpg

While the rest of the guild members were away from Zara Guild's base fighting the Tete Guild, Zara Guild's base was attacked by a hoard of undead monsters. Armes was the only guild member in the base and took some damage. Hardcore Leveling Warrior arrived to back her up and she told him that the undead exploded after they were hit. A giant undead snuck up behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior and delivered a blow that would have killed him and reset him.[1]

What was that about?

Armes quickly pushed him out of the way of the blows trajectory and took the blow in his stead. The injured Armes tells Hardcore Leveling Warrior that she knew that he would get reset if he died. Hardcore Leveling Warrior quickly defeats the undead monster. As Armes is getting healed by Constant, Hardcore Leveling Warrior questions why she saved him and Armes laughs and rhetorically asks him why does she needs a reason to save her guild member. Armes statement causes Hardcore Leveling Warrior to burst into tears. Hardcore Leveling Warrior thanks Armes before logging off, leaving both the giggling Armes and Constant confused.[1]

Raiding Dandan Castle

Armes and The Best Swordsman laughing about Hardcore Leveling Warrior crying (Episode 53).jpg

Armes led Zara Guild during a raid on Tete Guild's guild base, Dandan Castle. Kkakdugi agreed to tell her everything and hand over his 'page' if Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated him in a bare handed fight. Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated Kkakdugi, but Armes wonders why she didn't get his page. Kkakdugi uses Nightmarization and attempts to attack Hardcore Leveling Warrior from behind but his armour is cut to pieces by The Best Swordsman. While sitting on Kkakdugi, Armes tells her guild members about Kkakdugi's personal attribute and explains the reason that Kkakdugi built Tete Guild's castle on top of a rocky mountain. As Armes transfers Tete Guild's 'page' from Kkakdugi's book to Zara Guild's book, she ponders about Cobalt Castle, the Zara Guild's next opponents in the Absolute Quest. The Best Swordsman brings up the Hardcore Leveling Warrior crying and mocks him which leaves Hardcore Leveling Warrior embarrassed and chasing down The Best Swordsman while Armes laughs. Constant tells Armes that he has finished healing the injured guild members and Armes praises him.[9]

Armes talking with Han Gun-Ho (Episode 54).jpg

Kkakdugi tries to sneak off but is captured by Giga Guild's Security Team that was led by Han Gun-Ho. Han Gun-Ho explains the bug that Kkakdugi used was Nightmare and pleads with Zara Guild to report anyone they catch using it. Han Gun-Ho tells Armes that Zara Guild will be will be Giga Guild's opponents in completing the Absolute Quest and suggests that Zara Guild join Giga Guild before they are crushed, using the financial benefits offered by Giga as an incentive. Armes rejects Han Gun-Ho's offer and tells him that Zara Guild won't lose to Giga.[9]

Who wants to stay on this journey with me for a lifetime?

After Han Gun-Ho leaves, Constant and a few Zara Guild members are shocked that Armes turned down Giga's offer and cited the financial benefits offered, but Armes rejects the notion and says that Zara Guild would just be Giga's underlings if they joined. The mood becomes awkward and Armes suggests the guild celebrate conquering Tete Guild's base. During the guild's celebration, The Best Swordsman pulls Armes aside and suggest that she could have used the money that Giga offered for her treatment.

Armes laughs it off and says it is pointless now and that she just want to enjoy every moment she can with the guild. Armes gathers the guild members together and thanks them for their efforts during the raid and says that anyone that wants to carry on the journey with her till the end should raise their hands and scream. At first no one raised their hand but Hardcore Leveling Warrior did and then eventually all the guild members followed him and raised their hands as well and screams. As the guild members celebrated and got into buoyant mood, Armes proclaimed that they will stomp Giga.[6]

Raiding Cobalt Castle

Armes and Constant heading towards the Cobalt Gemstone (Episode 55).jpg

After two weeks (real world time) of meticulous planning, Armes led Zara Guild to an invasion of Cobalt Castle, a castle that had never been conquered by players. Along with the rest of the rest of the Zara Guild infiltration team, Armes was mass teleported by Choco Bibi into Cobalt Castle's airspace. As soon as the infiltration team appeared in the air, she ordered Dorita and Lotus Girl to counter the arrows fired at them which they did. Armes and Constant head towards the Cobalt gemstone powering Cobalt Castle's main gate while Hardcore Leveling Warrior dealt with the Cobalt Golem.[6]

"Constant. What is this?"

Armes dodged the spears thrown by some Cobalt Castle magic soldiers by jumping on top of a building carrying Constant. She then defeated them with a Pioneer Slash. Her and Constant arrived at the location of the Cobalt Castle Gemstone. Armes cuts down the wizard guarding the gemstone. As she prepares to destroy the gemstone with Pioneer Smash, the gemstone resonated with the Nightmare bug in Constant's possession and the power of Nightmare was amplified and those within a certain vicinity of it. As Armes becomes Nightmarized, she questions Constant, who begins to panic and says that he did not expect the situation to occur. Constant reveals to Armes that Sad Smile told him to put the stone on the gemstone.

Armes facing Giga Guild's Security Team

Armes deduces that it is Giga that set the whole thing up just before Han Gun-Ho and the Giga Guild Security Team appear to arrest Zara Guild for using Nightmare. Armes tells Constant to hide and prepares to take Giga down. She activates her personal attribute and uses Departure - Santa Maria to change the direction of Giga Guild's immobilization magic. She then cuts Han Gun-Ho's left arm before dodging multiple immobilization spells and cutting down multiple security team members with Pioneer Slash. She then reveals to Han Gun-Ho that she is aware that Giga don't control the game and threatens to spread the news.[4]

"What are you crying about, you idiot. It's natural for a guild master to protect their guild members."

Han Gun-Ho then reveals to Armes that some of her guild members have been arrested an are facing account termination. This news caused Armes to lower her guard and accept defeat. The crying Constant pleaded with her not to surrender and that The Best Swordsman and Hardcore Leveling Warrior are on the way. Armes tells him that it is a guilds master's duty to protect their guild members before she is stabbed by multiple projectiles and bound by the Immobilization of Giga's Ancient Relics. She is then taken away by Giga.[4]


Armes negotiating with Han Gun-Ho

The captured Armes is brought to brought to a a prison castle Empra. Armes negotiated with Gun-Ho that she'll hand over her Guild's page if he frees her guild members. Han Gun-Ho agreed but added one more condition, she would have to stop playing this game forever and never tell anyone about what Giga did till the day she died. She asks Han Gun-Ho what he will do about Constant knowing what Giga did and he tells her that Constant is different from her and tells her and they will deal with him then tells her to hand over the page while pulling out his dagger.[7] Soon after, Armes disappeared from Lucid Adventure.

Post Mortem

Sometime after being banned from Lucid Adventure, Armes succumbed to her illness and died in the real world. Her funeral was attended by The Best Swordsman.[8]


Immediately after Armes disappeared from Lucid Adventure, Zara Guild went out of control without her leadership. After a while, a lot of guild members left the guild. Some of the former Zara Guild members that included Constant joined Giga as it was an opportunity they couldn't pass and they had to move on.[7] Even after Nightmare was defeated, Armes was never found.[7]

After Zara Guild's break up, The Best Swordsman formed the Grass Roots Guild with former Zara Guild members, Choco Bibi and Tempest. They planned on continuing Armes' legacy in their own way by completing the Absolute Quest.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior left the Zara Guild believing they were all traitors for giving up on the search for Armes. He isolated himself from companionship and became a solo player that did anything to win which led to him gaining a lot of enemies. Eventually, he rose to become the first ranker in the server. He became hostile towards Giga after he found out they were involved with the Nightmare incident in Cobalt Castle that led to Armes' disappearance. He was still searching fro Armes and was enraged with The Best Swordsman for not telling him that Armes had died in the real world.

Constant joined Giga and became Han Gun-Ho's underling. Dorita and Lotus Girl reunited with Constant sometime after. It was awkward at first, but eventually they joined together.

No Name, a mysterious Nightmare that looked like a cross between Armes and Zero appeared sometime after Armes' disappearance. Not only are her attire and short sword identical to Armes', but even her personality and strategic ability are similar. During the last ever Combat Tournament, it was revealed that she had the Armes' personal attribute and even fought like her. When she used Departure - Santa Maria during the PvP Round Quarterfinals, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, The Best Swordsman, Constant and Choco Bibi were on alert. Hardcore Leveling Warrior confronted No Name, believing she was Armes in disguise, but No Name pushed him away and told him that he didn't know who Armes was, leaving Hardcore Leveling Warrior despondent.

Armes appeared as the final boss of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's trial of a dragon. THIS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED

Translation Notes

International Translations

Game Name Platform Language
雅勒梅絲 (Yǎ lēi méi sī) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Armes LINE Webtoon (English) English
Ermes LINE Webtoon (French) French
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By Armes

  • (To The Best Swordsman): "I've never told anyone this before, but I was a closed beta tester...I took part in the second round. I wasn't the tester you'd would normally expect. It was more of an experiment with people that were in different situations. Fortunately, there were no side effects...the subjects were mainly patients diagnosed with terminal illnesses or people on their deathbeds"[5]
  • (To The Best Swordsman): "Maybe, just maybe...if I don't log in anymore...oppa, please take care of the guild members for me. For this burden, I'm sorry. But, oppa you're the strongest ".[5]
  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Open you mind. I don't care if you're unemployed or whatever".[1]
  • (To Hardcore Leveling Warrior): "Haha. Do I need a reason to save my own guild members? Call me your lifesaver now haha"[1]
  • (To Han Gun-Ho): "What are you talking about? Our guild won't lose to Giga"[9]
  • (To Constant and another Zara Guild member): "You idiots, there is no such thing as an affiliated guild, going underneath them would mean that the current Zara Guild would just become a subcontractor of Giga."[6]
  • (To The Best Swordsman): "I just want to enjoy every moment with our guild"[6]
  • (To Zara Guild members): "Money is a good and all. But let's see the end of this world together."[6]
  • (To Zara Guild members): "Please pay attention to your beautiful boss! Is everyone having a good timer? Today's victory at Tete Castle would not have been without you! I love you! Please continue to take good care of me! To those that want to go on with me for the rest of your lives, raise your hand and scream!" [6]
  • (To herself): "I knew Constant was going in and out of Cobalt Castle and I just let him...That Sad Smile must have set us up....But why Sad Smile? He's not strong enough to take down our guild by himself. There's got to be someone else who wants it more than him...someone who wants our guild to be broken from the inside."[4]
  • (To Han Gun-Ho): "Shut up...now, I'm taking down Giga"[4]
  • (To Han Gun-Ho): "I told you this before, Zara Guild won't lose to a guild like Giga!"[4]
  • (To Han Gun-Ho): "Now I understand what I've been curious about. The security team that can't even take down a single user and playing dirty by using bugs for its own guild. You guys didn't make this game. What do you think will happen if this gets out?[4]
  • (To Constant): "What are you crying about, you idiot. It's natural for a guild master to protect their guild members."[4]

To Armes

  • (By The Best Swordsman): "You...you know how Hardcore Leveler feels about you, right? I know it's not my place to bring this up, but watching you two from the side-lines is frustrating. You know, that guy isn't good at stuff like this. You and Hardcore Leveler..."[5]
  • (By The Best Swordsman): "For the first time I'm jealous of that Hardcore Leveler bastard. I'll beat him up when he comes in tomorrow"[5]
  • (By Han Gun-Ho): "Apart from the bug issue, we've been watching the Zara Guild from our headquarters. You've made tremendous progress in the Absolute Quest in a short space of time. Perhaps, Cobalt Castle is your next goal after Dandan Castle, right? Our Giga Guild is also working on the Absolute Quest. I think we will face each other at some point. Although we are at the management level, our company motto is 'like the real world!' So we live in this world just like you and everyone else. Zara Guild is outstanding. Instead of being beaten by us, why don't you join our guild? Giga's treatment...you've hear about it, right? You won't be disappointed."[9]
  • (By Han Gun-Ho): "You did a good job with such a small number of people. Where you trying to recover your health by completing the Absolute Quest? Haha...that's rather unfortunate. If you want to protect the people of your Zara Guild...I need you to promise me one more thing. Don't step foot into this game ever again, and take what you know about us to your grave. That is the condition"[7]

About Armes

  • (Han Gun-Ho to himself): "A person type personal attribute...she really was one of the 10 beta testers...!"[4]
  • (The Best Swordsman to himself): "She rarely activates her personal attribute....the situation must be really bad."[4]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Her class has not been revealed in the webtoon. Hardcore Leveling Warrior referred to No Name as "adventurer class" in Episode 90. In the Hardcore Leveling Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON mobile game, Armes class was listed as "pioneer".
  • In Episode 136, an error led to No Name being called Armes by Chocho, the commentator of the Combat Tournament. This was quickly corrected by the time the free release came out. But it became clear that No Name has some connection to Armes.
  • Armes' birthday is June 3.