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The Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union (Tentative Name) was a coalition gathered by Scallion Head to kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It consisted of a lot of strong players, most of whom had a grudge against Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1] Scallion Head spent a lot of money on the operation.

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Kill Hardcore Leveling Warrior Edit

The Union attacked the #1 Ranker Hardcore Leveling Warrior while he was in the middle of a quest. The Union was wiped out by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hell Fire and Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash skills.

Ironically the deaths of the members allowed Zero to sneak up on Hardcore Leveling Warrior which caused his Level to be reset.[1]

Members Edit

The Union consisted of members of Scallion Head's Guild such as Scallion Head himself, Purple Head, Stickman, Jakul and Bat Girl.[1] Dog Face seems to be a member of Scallion Head's Guild but it wasn't confirmed.[1]

The other members seemed to consist of mercenaries such as Taoist Kim and other strong players.[1] I

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  • The official name of the alliance/union was never revealed so Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union was used.

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