Sphere of Extinction is an Ancient Magic used by Light


Light extends his arm, opens his palm and creates a powerful sphere of energy that he presumably blasts at the target.[1]

The power of the skill is so high, that the ground of the Tower of Abstinence shook from Light simply creating the ball. The Dungeon Keeper believed that the magic was powerful enough to cause the Tower of Abstinence to collapse, which led to the Dungeon Keeper stopping the Desire Game by force.[1]


Instance Description
Season 2 Episode 30 Light creates an Sphere of Extinction with the intent of blasting it at Dark's party. The skill was forcefully stopped wheyn the Dungeon Keeper forcefully ended The Desire Game and sent the players back to their last save points.[1]

Translation Notes

Main Article: Line Webtoon Translation Issues

'멸말의 구' is incorrectly translated by Line Webtoon as 'Orb of Destruction'.

'멸말' is the hangul form of the hanja '滅亡'; it literally means 'extinction'. '구' literally means 'sphere'. This wiki will be using the correct translation, Sphere of Extinction.

Notes & Trivia

  • The mechanism and execution of the skill has not been revealed.
  • Although the Dungeon Keeper said that the magic was strong enough to make the Dungeon collapse, it noted that this was also after the Ancient Dragon's Breath. It is unclear if this skill without the Ancient Dragon's Breath would have caused the dungeon to collapse by itself.


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