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An Apprentice Wizard's Hat is a magical item in Lucid Adventure.[1][1]


A wizard's hat that the apprentices wear before becoming a master. It is made of magical strings.[1]
Special Effect: Magic proficiency becomes 100%.[1]



Hardcore Leveling Warrior spent money to borrow the sword from Heart Heater.[1]

Siege Round Arc

During his duel with Lu Bu, Hardcore Leveling Warrior increased his intelligence and maximum mana capacity which enabled him to equip An Apprentice Wiazrd's Hat and Royal Cobalt Blade to enter Swordmage Mode.[1]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped it once again when he entered Swordmage Mode when he defended his castle from Team Lu Bu's attacks.[2][3]

Notes & Trivia

  • It requires a high level of intelligence to equip as Hardcore Leveling Warrior was automatically disarmed once his Lucky Coin buff wore off.[1]