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All-Stat is a term used for a Player that has achieved the maximum level and maxed out all the stats in Lucid Adventure.


The All-Stat is achieved when a player achieves the max stats in Lucid Adventure. The players base stats are all maxed out at 999.[1][2]

If an All-Stat player equips the complete Golden Armour Set, The Set Item Effect of the Knights is activated.[3]

Known All-Stats

Name Info
Sword Master

(Han Gun-Jae)

Became an All-Stat after all his stats were maximised by his Almighty skill.[4]
Hardcore Leveling Warrior Became an All-Stat after using his 'Bet' skill to steal the stats of other players.[1][5][6]
Confirmed to be an All-Stat after his body was combined with the Soul of the Demon King via Nightmare.[7]
Stone Confirmed to be an All-Stat after his fight with Ge Des.[8]


Translation Notes

All-Stat can be written in Korean as 올스탓 and 모든스탯

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