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Friends are supposed to guide friends in the right direction even when the other makes a bad decision
 ― Akira[source]

Akira is a player in Lucid Adventure. He is is currently a member of Dark Land after defecting from Yopy Land.[2]

Along with Yopy, he is a co-founder of Yopy Land and was the No.2 of Yopy Land.[1] At some point in the past, he won a past iteration of the Combat Tournament in a team with Yopi.

After seeing the path Yopy was heading down, Akira duelled Yopy for the position of Yopy Land's leadership and lost, but his life was spared by Yopy on the basis of their past friendship.[2][3] He joined Dark Land soon after his defeat.[2]

Akira's timely intervention stops Yopy from executing a Sleepwalk command that would have seen Yopy murder Han Sung-Gong in the real world.[4] Using a TCG summoned Taek, Akira manages to convince Yopy about the error of his was and as Yopy is about to execute a different command, both Akira and Yopy are critically injured by Han Gung-Ho, who then goes on to reveal that he is the true culprit behind Taek's death.[5][6] Akira is eventually deleted from the game by his Nightmare clone.[6]


Akira is a fair skinned man skinned with no eyebrows and black hair. He has a tall build and angular features. In the past he had short spiky hair. In the present time, his hair is shoulder length in a birkin bang style.

In the present time, he is seen most frequently with a knee-length green coat and slings his bat behind him.


Akira values his friendship above all else and would rather even honour what his deceased friend would have wanted rather than take revenge for them. He is relentless and will do anything to keep his friends from going down the wrong path as shown when he stopped Yopy during the summit meeting of the Four Guilds and when he teleported to Yopy's location to stop him from killing Han Sung-Gong.

He would even follow his dear friend and brother, Yopy, to the ends of the earth if it meant getting him back from the dark path he had chosen.

Akira prefers to hit his friends with his bat in order to make them come back to his senses such as when he hit Yopy during the summit meeting and once again when he teleported to the latter's location in Lion Heart Castle, swatting him with his bat as soon as he came.

Akira can also be a cunning and aloof person. He challenged Dark to a battle. If he won, Dark would cut off all ties with Yopi Land and never approach them for help again. If he lost, he would tell Dark anything he wanted to know. He knew his own capabilities, and defeated Dark easily. When Hardcore Leveling Warrior tried to provoke him into battle, he remained composed and did not engage in battle.



Yopy Land


They were close friends and brothers alongside Taek during the early days of Lucid Adventure. Akira considered himself as a friend that should help Yopi go down the right path and had been with him since the beginning. They had a falling out two years later as Akira challenged Yopi to a duel for leadership but lost. Even then, he still considers himself a friend as he still wants to drag Yopi from the path he had chosen.

Akira desperately wanted to stop Yopy from going down the wrong path as he followed and fought Yopy once again in Lion Heart Castle even imitating the same nightmarized state that the latter assumed. He valued Yopy's life above his own as in their final clash for a brief moment, he opted to protect the defenseless Yopi from Han Sung-Gong who tried to stab Yopy in the back with a nightmare weapon.

Akira even gave up the card Taek gave him, that he planned to use once he, Yopy and the others had reached the end of the game now that Taek was gone, and summoned the latter to bring Yopy back to his senses.

He was willing to start over everything with Yopi with Pooh Upooh and Lime's assistance.


Taek and Akira were close friends to the point that they cinsidered each other as brothers. They were together along with Yopi since the beginning and he had held Taek to a higher standard as he scolded him for being offended by a kid like Dark.

Akira was very devastated, along with Yopi and the others, when Taek died but he didn't vow to take revenge and instead tried to honor what Taek would have wanted for them.

Taek had bought his own card from Yopy and gave it to Akira as a gift which the latter had planned to use the card for when he, Yopy and the others reach the end of Lucid Adventure now that his brother, Taek, was gone.

Pooh Upooh

They were once enemies then allies then enemies once again. Akira first met Pooh Upooh in a dungeon and the latter had knocked him out in that dungeon. Soon after, they became allies and Akira respected Pooh Upooh as he said that he doesn't want to fight in her house because she hates it.

Two years later, they were enemies once again when Akira left. Pooh Upooh was furious when Akira attacked Yopi during the treaty of the four guilds.


They were allies and he was there when Lime first joined the group and grew. Both of them hadn't been shown much interaction but they were on friendly terms. Akira thinks that Lime is the best healer he ever had.

They became enemies two years later and Lime was mad when Akira attacked Yopi in the treaty.

Dark Land


At first, Akira didn't think too much of Dark. He had toyed and humiliated Dark when they had a duel and regarded him as a clown. Two years would pass by and Akira came knocking on Dark Land, hoping to join the Dark's guild and stop Yopi from going down a darker path. Dark had refused him as first as Akira's hits from their duel a long time ago still ached but after Akira stated his real intentions, Dark forgave him and let him join their guild. Although he was left with a warning or so by Dark that he shouldn't disappoint them.


Akira first thought Sora was a clown and didn't think too much of her. He regards her as being part of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's group.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Akira thought Hardcore Leveling Warrior was a clown like the rest of his team but after the latter had attempted to attack him from behind, he said he liked that he was a straight shooter, an honest and direct person, and proceeded to accept his request to a duel. Akira was cocky when fighting whilst Hardcore Leveling Warrior was mad that he had toyed with Dark.

After Akira's bat was sliced by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, they ended on a bad note as both said they'll kill each other when they see each other again.



As the former co-founder and 2nd commander of Yopi Land, Akira is a powerful individual. He was superior than Yopy in combat up until they both fought for the leadership of Yopy Land when he lost their duel for the first time.

He's extremely fast as he was able to dodge Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Moonlight Slash at point blank range and the latter himself noted he was too fast for him. He has enough power to create a force that acted as a feint and made Dark think it was an actual attack. He was to fast enough to have dodged Nightmarized Yopy's attack though the former stated that he was very familiar with Yopy's patterns.

He and Yopi had also competed in a previous iteration of the Combat Tournament as a duo and won as champions which implies the level of his skill and power.

Akira was powerful and skilled enough to defeat both Taek and Yopy back in the early days of Lucid Adventure. Having a record of 20 out of 0 fights with them, all in his favor.

Personal Attribute

Main Article: Thunder

Akira is able to use skills associated with the Cartoon Character, Thunder.

Baseball Bat Proficiency: Just like Thunder, Akira is able to demonstrate brutal aptitude and great proficiency in using bats to inflict heavy blunt force damage and trauma, making them very dangerous in close quarters combat. He can also break down structures and take out heavily armoured enemies.

  • Deflection: Akira can use his bat to deflecting attacks away from himself which can range from projectiles to blunt force.[7]

'Main Character' Attribute ('주인공' 특성,  'ju-ingong' teugseong)[8]: Users of this attribute have the 'Main Character' attribute presumably because Thunder is the the main protagonist of his own webtoon. The exact effect of this was never given but Coma suspected that it gave its user an incredible amount of confidence.[8]

Combat Style

Akira is a straightforward however cunning fighter as he would bait his opponents with a feint then launch a series of attacks if the opponent falls for it. He prioritizes speed in combat as he dodges and outmaneuvers his opponents as he smashes them with his bat.

Skill Tree

Thunder Skills

  • Slugger Combo Strike: Akira delivers multiple strong consecutive strikes to the enemy with his bat.
  • Super Hit Combo: Akira swings his bat and delivers a four hit consecutive combo that increased its power with each strike.



  • Baseball Bat: Akira's baseball bat that was noted by him to be indestructible against all swords until Hardcore Leveling Warrior sliced it with a lucky coin buffed Lacerate (切).
    • Improved Baseball Bat**: Akira had his baseball bat improved by Hephai, the Master Blacksmith, further improving its overall power.

Other Items

  • Black Case Bag: Akira carries a large black case bag. The content of the bag is unknown.
  • IQOS Device: A heated tobacco product that consists of a charger, a holder, and multiple tobacco sticks.



Early Days of Lucid Adventure

At some point in the past, Akira co-founded Yopi Land along with Yopi. They also competed in a previous Combat Tournament and won.

Meeting Pooh Upooh

Season 1

Dark's Birthday Arc

Akira was actually first seen in this arc but was never introduced. He along with Yopi and others defended Yopi land when Giga invaded them.

PvP Round Prelude Arc

He was properly introduced in this arc as Yopi's 2nd in command and co-founder of Yopi land. When Dark was arguing with Taek, Akira butted in and scolded Taek for letting a kid get to him. Seeing that Dark wanted to know about Yopi's fight during his Combat Tournament, Akira challenged Dark to a duel and if the latter could land a single hit on him then he'll tell him how Yopi fought as Akira too was the winning champion alongside him but if Dark loses, then he's banished from Yopi land for good. Dark accepted the duel and they transferred to the hunting ground out front.

As their duel began, Dark rushes in, thinking he can land a single hit with Lazie's speed and the eye of trajectory, but he noticed Akira was just standing still and yawning. Dark exclaimed to not underestimate him and fell for Akira's feint, Akira proceeded to use his skill 'Slugger Combo Strike' on him and defeated him with ease. After this, he told Dark that he was no match for him and to honor his words. He ordered Lime to notify the guards to not let Dark's team into Yopi land. Taek questioned Akira's order, saying that if Yopi finds out about this but Akira stated that so what if Yopi finds out, he goes on to say it was a bad decision to help Team Dark and stated the repercussions they suffered for doing so. He said that Taek should start training for the coming PVP Round.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior angrily challenged Akira soon after for toying with Dark. After Akira denied his challenge at first, Hardcore Leveling Warrior proceeded to attack him from behind. Everyone was shocked by this but Akira blocked his attack beforehand and asked if he was sure on making enemies with all of Yopi land. Akira eventually accepted his challenge and proceed to strike first, using the same feint that he used to defeat Dark with ease but Hardcore Leveling Warrior sees this and dodges Akira from his other side. Hardcore Leveling Warrior immediately used his skill 'Moonlight Slash Tornado' after dodging but Akira dodges it, appearing behind him but Hardcore Leveling Warrior notices this as well. In the final moment of their duel, Yopi intervened and blocked Akira's strike. Yopi told Akira that it was enough and the latter backed away immediately as if he was tired of the duel. Yopi told Akira to not be cocky as he almost died in the duel as well, showing Akira's bat sliced by Hardcore. Akira left along with Taek and Lime whilst exchanged warnings with Hardcore Leveling Warrior.

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Akira was shown along with Rhythm Monkey and Yopi waving at Taek's team after they lost. He and Yopi met Team Dark again in the lobby. After Yopi had congratulated them for winning, Akira said that they should go already. As they left, Akira and Yopi had bumped into Sad Smile but the latter apologized for doing so.

Ragnarök Arc

Akira was seen nonchalantly reacting when the Gods collided along with Yopi and Taek. He was then seen batting away Ultimate Healer's appendages that had tried to attack him and Yopi. He was then joined by the Grass Roots team when Yopi started to tell his research regarding Zero and his plan.

After the plan started, Akira had a talk with Yopi about the plan and was reminded old memories of fighting side by side. Akira stated that he had been researching about Nightmare as well. Akira along with Pooh Upooh and Lime started charging at the gigantic Top Baldhead as Yopi thought of his second plan. During Dark's speech, Akira was seen beating the gigantic Top Baldhead along with Pooh Upooh and Lime.

Before Zero's first daughter sacrificed herself, he was seen beating Top Baldhead into the ground. When the Nightmare Doppelgangers came to be, it is stated that Akira too, had a nightmare doppelganger. In the final moments of the battle, He, along with Pooh Upooh and the others, were teleported back to Yopi land only to be distraught when Yopi didn't come back with them. He was very worried when Yopi came back burning and incapacited and called Lime to heal him.

Time skip

Two years later, there was a civil war between Akira and Yopi on the leadership of Yopi Land, the loser would have to delete their account. Akira lost but was spared by Yopi on account of their friendship.

Season 2

Summit Arc

Akira left Yopi land and came to Dark land, wounded and burdened with numerous curses and debuffs, in hopes of getting Dark's help to stop Yopi.

He then stated to Dark that he had just wanted to join Dark Land. Dark denied his request at first as he explained he cannot let anyone in his guild without revealing their true intentions as many guilds fell because of spies. After Akira stated his true intentions of stopping Yopi, Dark accepted his request.

He was with Dark's group when they went to the treaty and when they got there, he was seen striking the unsuspecting Yopi on the head from above which surprised everyone. After this, he was berated by Pooh Upooh for attacking Yopi and insulting his mercy to him. However, Yopi was surprisingly calm and lightly teased Akira for his strike not being that good and asked if he was even embarrassed to which Akira denied. It can be assumed that Akira went back to Dark Land after the treaty and has been loitering around since.

Beyond the Boundary Arc

His Nightmare version was compared to him once by The Mysterious Nightmare.

Retribution Arc

Akira teleported to Yopy's specific location inside Lion Heart Castle using the Catching Up (TCG) card skill and immediately swatted Yopy's head with full force. Yopy then shouted at Akira to stop getting in his way but Akira declared that he was still his friend and that he was there to stop him. Akira knocks Yopy to the ground again and tries to convince him on going back with him to Pooh Upooh and Lime. Yopy sends him flying right after when he Nightmarization 100% which begins to damage his body to 3%. He then uses skill Rain of God Annihilation to send a hail of nightmare daggers towards him. Akira uses Assimilation card to copy the Nightmarization 100% status that Yopy has and knocks all the incoming weapons away. As they continue to clash with each other a crazy Han Sung-Gong comes from behind Yopy with a nightmare dagger while he is charging at Akira. Akira decided to knock out Han Sung-Gong to save Yopy while he shoves his first through his chest.

With Akira down Yopy begins to tell the combat npc his command for Han Sung-Gong but is interrupted with a punched to the face by a Taek card summoned by him. He then demands that Yopy look at his brother and think this over. Yopy begins to break down saying he never felt at ease since Taek's death and doesn't know what to do. Akira suggest that he send Han Sung-Gong phone records to media agencies to screw him but not kill him. Yopy comes to his senses and agrees with Akira and tells his command to the npc. Right as he finishes speaking many nightmare daggers come from behind Akia and Yopy stabbing both of them and revealing Han Gun-Ho to be the culprit.

Han Gun-Ho admits he was the one who killed Taek to anger Yopy into attacking Giga. Both of them enraged to hear this uses Nightmarization 999% to attack him as their bodies start to collapse. Han Gun-Ho upper half is completely gone with their attack, then two nightmare dummies appear in front of them who they recognize as their nightmare counter parts cut both of them in half and Han Gun-Ho stands above them fully healed. The nightmare dummies hold them up to watch as Han Gun-Ho kills Hun Sung-Gong then kill them both after eliminating them from the game.

Major Battles

Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

LINE Webtoon Akira info translation error (Episode 113).jpg

Akira's character infobox in Episode 113 said "Akira - Yopi Land - NO. 2". This was incorrectly translated as "Akira - Yopi Land - Akira". This can be seen in the picture on the right.

International Translations



Platform Language
阿奇拉 (Ā qí lā) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Akira LINE Webtoon (English) English
Akira LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

Ttaeng Jeon, the inspiration for Akira's vaping

  • Akira was first seen in Episode 104 during Giga's invasion of Yopi Land. His name and position were revealed in Episode 113.
  • In Episode 113, the info-box was 'Akira- Yopi Land-No.2' but it was mistranslated by LINE Webtoon as 'Akira-Yopi Land - Akira'.
  • Akira's motif is Thunder, the main protagonist of the Naver Webtoon series, Sindorim. Like Thunder, Akira uses a baseball bat with a lightning insignia on it. Akira's smoking/vaping habit is is inspired by '땡전' (English: Ttaeng Jeon) another character of the Naver Webtoon series, Sindorim. His picture can be seen on the right.
  • Akira's outfits are based on Thunder's attire. His past outfit is based on the attire Thunder wore in the first few chapters of Sindorim while his current attire appears to be based on the large coat Thunder briefly wore for 3 chapters.