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The Advent of the Demon King Arc is the tenth story arc of season 2 of Hardcore Leveling Warrior and consists of the episodes from Episode 71 to the present.

It began on 28th November 2020 and ended on 23rd January 2021

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After a Nightmare attack on Charming Castle led by Combo Combo is stopped by Gangrim, the castle is immediately under siege by the Demon King Ge Des and his army. Multiple high rankers join the fray in an effort to stop one of the strongest beings ever seen in the game.

Summary of Events


  • Charming Castle is invaded by a Nightmare dummies led by Combo Combo but they are defeated by Gangrim and Combo Combo is sealed in Gangrim's book.[1]


  • During Ham's chess game, Ge Des remembers the war games that he used to play with Grian Den when they were younger.[2]
  • We get a flashback of 'The Crow' encouraging Ge Des to attack Charming Castle.[3]
  • When Stone's mind is invaded by Nightmare, we see his real world situation and how Dragon of Light forcibly summoned him into the game to become a Warrior.[4]

Characters Introduced

Characters introduced in this arc in the order of introduction

Skills Introduced

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Items Introduced

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name of the arc is a play on the Korean word '강림'. 강림 can mean "advent"; which on the internet is sued in a figurative sense for when a god or god like being has descended unto the earth. 강림 also means Gangrim, the Korean Grim Reaper who features heavily in this arc. This advent motif is further highlighted when Haru literally descends and possesses Stone's body.
  • Ge Des had been seen in Rudd Ra Kan's flashback in the Beyond the Boundary Arc but this was the arc he first appeared in this current timeline.
  • Haru was seen in a flashback during the PvP Finals Semifinals Arc, but this is the arc where she made her first appearance in the current timeline.